Artist Spotlight- Rosie Timmon

Rosie Timmon is currently based in New York City and recently released her debut single “Sweet Love“.  I caught up with Rosie on her new life stateside, collaborating with musicians all over the world and her plans for after Coronavirus.
Before you released your debut single, Sweet Love, you had relocated from Dublin to New York. What have been the biggest challenges in that move and getting associated with the New York music scene?
Yes, I moved to New York last November and I guess everything was really a challenge, to be honest. It is not an easy move, but once I found my apartment and a job after a lot of trial and error, everything slowly fell into place. I found my current guitarist James on Hinge, which is a dating site so that’s funny. I legit was scoping the site for people with guitars to find a guitarist. So it has been nice to work on music and perform with him.
Facebook is seriously amazing too, there are so many pages for open mics and gig opportunities. I pretty much just email and message any opportunity I come across and see where it takes me. You have to be fearless here and really put yourself out there, talk to randomers, and if they are a musician follow that lead. It really is all about building your network and connecting with as many people as possible who can help you. New York for one has a lot of great opportunities so I am still scoping them all out.
You’ve recently collaborated with Australian producer, James Rubiolo. How did you guys meet? And how did the collaboration work considering you guys live on opposite sides of the world?
This is a crazy story so like I said “talk to randomers.”. I was traveling Bali with my sister and on a night out in a nightclub called La Favela. My sister was talking to James and he had mentioned he is a producer and she was like “oh my sister is a singer”. So we just got chatting about the different kind of music we like and he was looking for a singer to help with some projects, so we exchanged numbers. We met again the next day at Finn’s Beach Club and talked more music.
I haven’t seen him in person since which is crazy. So we both went on our merry way, me back to Ireland and him back to Bondi Beach. We just sent voice memos through Instagram back and forth our ideas. Then, James would send me the full track and I sent him back a load of vocal takes and different ideas. He just chopped it up and fitted my vocal the way he wanted in the song. Anything is truly possible.

What are your goals for your music after the Coronavirus?
After Coronavirus (whenever that may be, lol) I definitely want to continue building my music network here in New York. I want get out and book more gigs if gigs are even happening. But most importantly, my main goal is to just experience living here and find that inspiration to write and be creative. I have some songs I want to record for future singles and by the end of the year, I want to be planning the release of an EP.
Check out Rosie’s debut single ‘Sweet Love’ on all major streaming platforms.

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