USI Congress DAY 1


Over the next 3 days between the 25th and 27th of May the Union of Students in Ireland will be holding their annual Congress which is the top decision-making process made up of all the affiliated college Students’ Unions delegations in Ireland. Over the next couple of days I will be giving you all the suss, gossip and goingons of USI Congress 2020. 

The congress is attended by over 300 students and student union officers. TUDSU has sent 29 delegates and me Conor your student media crew rep from our college to represent the student body. There will be debates for students across the country to give their opinions on their support or opposition for motions ranging from the introduction of mental health initiatives to campaigning for cheaper accommodation for students to sexual health. 

Due to the ongoing Covid- 19 lockdown, congress has been moved online to zoom meetings to debate motions and livestreams for the election hustings. 

On day 1, the 300 delegates from across the country tuned in to see candidates plead their case to secure the necessary votes to be part of the next USI executive team for 2020/2021. 

Our own Megan O’Neill from the TU Dublin Tallaght campus who is the current Vice President for Welfare and Equality 2019/2020 will be fighting for the chance to be our next Vice President for the Dublin region for 2020/2021. 


Voting will take place for the Delegates on Tuesday to make for their No.1 choice for the USI executive team. 

The delegates from our college have been mandated by our Student Council to vote for the following people: 

  • President: Lorna Fitzpatrick 
  • Vice-President for Academic Affairs: Kevin Mc Stravock 
  • Leas Uachataran don Gaeilge/VP Irish Language: Cliodhna Ni Dhufaigh 
  • Vice-President for Welfare: Clare Austick 
  • Vice-President for Equality and Citizenship: Marie Lyons 
  • Vice-President for Campaigns: Craig McHugh 
  • Vice-President for the Dublin Region: Megan O’Neill 
  • Vice-President for PG Affairs: Adam Clarke 

On behalf of the delegates and all the students from TU Dublin we wish all the candidates the best of luck but especially to Megan O’Neill. #VoteMeganNo.1 

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