Israeli-Palestinian ‘Conflict’ Policy unanimously passed by TU Dublin Students’ Union Student Council. 

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Israeli-Palestinian ‘Conflict’ Policy unanimously passed by TU Dublin Students’ Union Student Council.  

At the first Student Council of the academic year, Thursday 26th October 2023, TU Dublin Students’ Union voted through the Israeli-Palestinian ‘Conflict’ policy to stand in solidarity with Palestinian people.  

The policy was proposed by the Students’ Union Executive team and seconded by all elected Part-Time Officers. Furthermore, it was endorsed by TU Dublin’s Islamic Society prior to the Council meeting.  

Brian Jordan, President of TU Dublin Students’ Union, said “It was a relief to finally be able to formally pass a stance on the so-called ‘conflict’, and that the Union would now be able to speak publicly on the matter with the knowledge that representatives across all sites in TU Dublin support the move.” 

The Israeli-Palestinian ‘Conflict’ policy acknowledges the horrific humanitarian crisis and profound suffering of Palestinian people because of the ‘ongoing occupation’ of Palestine, as well as the increasing number of ‘alleged’ war crimes committed by the Israeli army’s government.  

The policy commits the Students’ Union to stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people, who believe that what has unfolded over the past few weeks amounts to ‘attempts at genocide and ethnic cleansing’. The Students’ Union acknowledged that individual Israeli citizens do not necessarily support the actions, policies or goals of their government, however, the action sanctioned by the Israeli Government needs to be condemned. 

The policy also referred to quotes by the Israeli Minister of Defence such as “We are fighting human animals, and must act accordingly”, expressing disgust at the IDF (Israeli Defence Force), media outlets globally for their biased ‘Pro-Israel’ narrative, and major political UK & US leaders who publicly support the Israeli Government. The Students’ Union believe that Israel have failed to acknowledge the part their country has played in the development of this ‘conflict’. 

TU Dublin Students’ Union President, Brian Jordan, went on to say that “The reality is that Israel has created a situation where Palestinian citizens have left to die by the blocking of essential humanitarian aid, and destroy schools, hospitals, and entire families.” 

TU Dublin’s Islamic Society representative Abdulawwal, who both welcomed and endorsed the Union’s stance, stated “Mass killing of civilians cannot be justified and is not to be. We must not however, deny the context of ethnic cleansing, settler colonialism, apartheid, occupation, and blockade that the Palestinian people have been subjected to by the occupying force, Israel, over the last 70-plus years.”  

TU Dublin Students’ Union is committed to advocating for humanitarian aid to be allowed into Palestine, for the Irish Government to take a stronger stance in supporting Palestine & denouncing the abhorrent actions of Israel, and to encourage its students to publicly support the liberation of the oppressed population of Palestine.  



Israeli-Palestinian ‘Conflict’ Policy 

  1. Acknowledgment of the Humanitarian Crisis and Palestinian Suffering:

TU Dublin Students’ Union acknowledge the profound humanitarian crisis and the immense suffering endured by the Palestinian people as a result of the ongoing ‘conflict’ between Israel and Palestine. The fear for innocent lives, the denial of humanitarian aid, the destruction of vital infrastructure, including hospitals and schools, as well as the violation of international laws by Israel are heart-wrenching, and as a result require the informed attention and support of a Union representing nearly 30,000 students in Ireland. 

  1. Condemnation of Actions Harming Palestinian Civilians:

TU Dublin Students’ Union condemns actions that harm Palestinian civilians, such as the bombardment of residential areas, the targeting of hospitals and medical facilities, and the disruption of basic services like electricity, water, and food. These actions have added to the suffering of the Palestinian people and must be unequivocally denounced. Furthermore, comments by the Israeli Minister of Defence (“we are fighting human animals, and must act accordingly”) as well as incomprehensible actions in recent weeks by the so-called ‘IDF’ (Israel Defence Forces) towards innocent Palestinians, must be labelled for what they are – attempts at ethnic cleansing and genocide. 

The Union must also condemn countless news outlets globally who have sought to spread an incredibly biased narrative of the events that have taken place between Israel and Palestine, both historically and recently, all to benefit the ‘Pro-Israel’ narrative. Finally, the Union must express its disappointment at public statements made by political leadership within the UK, US, and EU, as the Union feels such views are used in an attempt to ignore the role played by these same countries in the development of the ‘conflict’ that exists today. 

  1. Reprehension of International Law Violations:

TU Dublin Students’ Union strongly condemns the violation of international laws and agreements that have been committed in the course of this ‘conflict’. These violations, however, exist on both sides. The horrific attack, by Hamas, resulted in the deaths of innocent Israeli citizens, and cannot be justified. However, the retaliation by the IDF resulting in the obstruction of humanitarian corridors, bombing of hospitals, murder of innocent children, and death of entire families, cannot, and will not, be ignored by the Union. The Union believes that accountability and justice must be pursued for these crimes and that the Irish Government needs to stand in support of Palestinian people. 

  1. Addressing the Ongoing Occupation and Blockade:

TU Dublin Students’ Union stands in solidarity with the Palestinian people and recognizes the enduring consequences of the ongoing occupation, blockade, and aggressive settlement developments used by Israel as methods of border control. These policies have led to severe poverty, a sense of injustice, and the fostering of resentment among Palestinians. 

With the vast majority of citizens living in poverty, half the population falling beneath the age of eighteen, and ongoing displacement, the Union believes that Israel has created a situation where Palestinians feel optionless, desperate, and hopeless. However, the Union recognises that individual Israeli citizens do not necessarily support the actions, policies, or goals of their far-right government, and will seek to avoid any overly simplistic rhetoric such as ‘us versus them’ mentality. 

  1. Promoting Empathy and Understanding:

TU Dublin Students’ Union is dedicated to fostering an atmosphere of empathy and understanding regarding the Israeli-Palestine ‘conflict’. The Union seeks to provide a safe platform for students to express their concerns, share their perspectives, and engage in discussions about the suffering and fear experienced by Palestinian civilians. The aim is, and always has been, to promote mutual understanding and peaceful coexistence. 

  1. Advocating for Peace and Humanitarian Aid:

TU Dublin Students’ Union supports peaceful, diplomatic, and negotiated solutions to the Israel-Palestine ‘conflict’ that prioritize the well-being, rights, and security of the Palestinian people. In addition, the Union endorses the urgent provision of humanitarian aid to alleviate the suffering and fear experienced by those impacted by the ‘conflict’. 

Furthermore, at the time of writing, 95% of the population cannot access water, 50% do not have enough food, and 60% of children, which make up 50% of the population, are anaemic. As such, the Union shall be mandated, where it does not conflict with current fundraising policy, to promote existing fundraising efforts on social media for humanitarian aid. 

  1. Raising Awareness of Palestinian Suffering:

TU Dublin Students’ Union is committed to organizing, where necessary, events, seminars, and discussions that raise awareness about the suffering and fear endured by Palestinian civilians, including the denial of humanitarian aid, the destruction of critical infrastructure, and the violation of international laws. These efforts aim to foster informed and compassionate perspectives, given that, in the Union’s view, global media coverage has been profoundly ‘pro-Israel’ and biased to the benefit of the Israeli Government. 

8. Solidarity with the Palestinian Community:

TU Dublin Students’ Union expresses its deep solidarity with the Palestinian community and those affected by the ‘conflict’. The Union calls for an immediate ceasefire, an end to the blockade and occupation, and renewed efforts towards a just and lasting peace that respects the principles of justice, self-determination, and human rights for all, particularly the Palestinian people. The Union also believes that the Irish Government should stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people, and take a stronger stance internationally. 

This policy underscores the suffering of the Palestinian population, while acknowledging violations of international law on both sides, and advocates for empathy, justice, and peace, both within the campus community but also nationally and internationally. 


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