Trick or Treat Yourself Halloween Ball


Our very own TU Dublin SU held a fabulous fancy dress party for students across all three TU Dublin campuses on Thursday, 28th October.

The Academy — located in Abbey Street, Dublin 1 — accommodated the return of the university’s first social event since the easing of the restrictions on 22nd October.

Masses of excited TU Dublin students lined up outside, making the queue look like a giant conga line. Even the line to the bar extended halfway across the room!

Students of TU Dublin enjoying their university’s first social event back after the easing of restrictions. Photographer: Liam McCafferty.

Shortly after opening, the room instantly filled with students dying to get back on the dance floor and celebrate with friends.

A live DJ was playing on the night of the party, a sighting that people have most certainly missed. Confetti and water vapour dispersed from the ceiling and the stage, creating a huge mess but a very entertaining one.

The night rewarded our students with great music and a thrilling atmosphere. Nothing but music, laughter and the sound of pints hitting the floor could be heard all night. After all, they deserved it.

Jessica, a cyber security student at TU Dublin Blanchardstown, mentioned that it’s essential to have the chance to socialise and attend events like these, without restriction, especially during university life. Jessica said:

It’s important, especially during college years. You want to look back at it in 20 years and maybe regret it a little bit, but at the end of the day, you’re making new friends from different courses as well

“We didn’t get to experience much in the first year, but the second year is much better because restrictions are more open. We now have the chance to go out and experience being a college student,” said Hazel, a social care student at the Blanchardstown campus.

The DJ successfully generated an electric atmosphere throughout the whole event. Photographer: Liam McCafferty.

Seeing as the student union’s first event back was a big success, we can expect more fun social events throughout the rest of the academic year. The students of TU Dublin are in for a treat.

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