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Classic Yellow is a Dublin based DIY band who have released multiple singles to critical acclaim and played multiple festivals in Ireland and the UK. I caught up with front man Frank who gave me some insight into the band’s style and their plans for the future.

Your music is very distinctive with fuzzy guitars, a touch of psychedelia and lyrical landscapes. What is your favourite track to play live and why?

My favourite song to play live is Mechanical Bull. It’s a fun song to play and it’s got a lot of energy. It really gets a crowd going, and we really get a kick out of that.

As a band you guys have a cohesive vintage vibe that emits from your music, your clothes and your artwork. Was it the music that guided your style or was it a love for the 60s that dictated the style of the band?

For us, that’s a bit of a chicken/ egg debate. We just wear the kind of clothes we like and we play the music that we want to play. Thankfully, they work together!

Majority of the things we like have that mid century style, and it features heavily in our music, our artwork and our style. Things from that time just seem to resonate with us.

Mechanicall Bull Artwork
You guys have played multiple festivals in the UK and Ireland and have supported Catfish and the Bottlemen and Sundara Karma. What has been your favourite venue that you have played so far?

Those big support slots are great, and the excitement that comes with playing The Olympia or The Academy makes us perform really well. But I think my favourite gigs we’ve played have been in Whelan’s.

Like most bands in Dublin, we’ve played there on numerous occasions, but I’ve loved every gig we’ve played there and every time we come back to play the crowds get better and better.

Photo by She Bop Imagery
What are your plans for your music after the Coronavirus?

We were out recording our next single the day before lockdown, so that will be coming out when normality returns. We’ve also got a heap of new songs to add to record and add to the live set.

We had a lot planned for this year, but obviously, everything got put on hold. We’re going to wait it out and see how things go before making any concrete decisions. But once all this is over with, we’ll be back on the scene.


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