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Blushing Boy is the dream pop musical persona of Ella Naseeb. Ella’s debut single ‘Consumer‘ garnered attention from Hot Press, Nialler9 and multiple publications from Ireland, UK and the US. Her recent release ‘Lolita‘ came in April, keeping us hooked to see what will come next.

I caught up with Ella to discuss the success of her debut, the effects of the lockdown on her music and her plans for the future.

Back in August 2019 you released your debut single ‘Consumer’ to critical acclaim and at the end of 2019 you were included in the Hotpress ‘Hot For 20‘ list. How did it feel to get such a warm reaction to your debut single?

It surprised me. It’s amazing to watch songs I wrote for myself take on a life of their own when you put them into the world. Watching other people take ownership of them in a certain respect, I suppose. I’ve been so lucky with the response, people seem to really enjoy my music! Playing showcases like Whelan’s Ones to Watch has really helped me reach more people. The same is true of getting that nomination from Hot Press and the Last Mixed Tape. It’s all about spreading the word.

Unfortunately with the Lockdown events and festivals have been cancelled. How are you staying creative and collaborating with your band during these times?
I had a lot of gigs lined up including my first festivals and my first gig in London, so to have all of that cancelled was tough. But lockdown has been really excellent for my creativity which can sometimes get a little lost in the grind of normal life. To be honest, I had to take a break from making music at the start because I felt so abruptly at a loss, I just couldn’t focus on it. So instead I’ve been immersing myself in books and films and absorbing as much of that inspiration as I can. I’ve been writing in other forms – poetry and music outside of my normal genre. We’ll see what comes from that!
I’ve been missing my bandmates hugely. We’ve been curating playlists for each other to stay inspired and sending little demos back and forth. But without any pressure. I think the main thing is to get through lockdown.
What are your plans for your music after the coronavirus?
My plans for music going forward are to get back gigging and release new music!
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