Statement on Attacks at Broadstone LUAS Station

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Statement on Attacks at Broadstone LUAS Station

This week, TU Dublin Students’ Union was sent harrowing footage of yet another attack just outside of our Grangegorman campus, at the Broadstone Luas Stop.

Broadstone DIT LUAS

A group of students were waiting here for the Luas, when they had bottles and rocks thrown at them, were threatened with sharp objects, and were called racial slurs.

“This is not the first time that our students have been targeted. But it’s also not the first time that students have been targeted at this EXACT spot. Only a few months ago, another group of students were threatened, attacked, and called racial slurs.

We released a statement condemning the attacks, and asking that the University and Policing force do more. The President of the University wrote to the then-Justice Minister appealing for more of a policing presence to protect our students and staff. We engaged with the local police.

And guess what? Nothing has changed. Our students are STILL being attacked. Our students STILL feel unsafe coming to our largest campus. What happens when it gets darker in the evenings? What happens when another group of students get attacked?

Over the past few hours, we’ve been in touch with the Guards, with TU Dublin estates, and with the President of the University via the Public Affairs Office. We’ve been in touch with those personally affected, and we’ve made sure that the medical service, counselling service, and other University services are immediately available to those students. But guess what? That’s not enough.

We can’t just wait for more students to get attacked before the Irish Government listens. Not only are students being priced out of education, but now they can’t even feel SAFE on CAMPUS. We are SICK of asking for the bare MINIMUM.

We want a coordinated effort between the University and their campus security, with Transport for Ireland and their Luas security, and most of all, the Justice Minister Helen McEntee. So this next part, I address to McEntee directly:

Imagine if it was your son or daughter, just trying to leave their college campus, and they were the ones being attacked. Please, just imagine how terrifying it must be, and help us. We NEED our students to feel safe. And you’re the person that can do it. Please respond to this, please protect our students, and please prove to us that the Government actually care about protecting the future of this country.”

-Brian Jordan, President of TU Dublin Students’ Union

If you or anyone you know has been affected by these attacks this week, please contact the University medical or counselling services for support.


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