Get Ready for SHAG Week!


With restrictions lifting and returning to a small bit of normality, we are gearing up for Valentine’s and the season of love with SHAG week!!

Sexual Health and Guidance week is back, so are you ready?

We have a week of fantastic events lined up for you all, including the return of some of our most popular events

We will be coming to every campus throughout the week to give out free condoms, play some games and give some free spicy prizes!

Make your own boobie bowl is a pottery workshop like no other, make a bowl, planter, or whatever you want in the shape of a boob, AND you can bring it home!!! Plus, you’ll get to learn important information about breast checks while you sculpt!

In collaboration with TUD LGBTQ soc, we are having a queer Sex Ed workshop where we talk everything about sex and relationships in the queer community. You might be asking why we need Sex Ed when we are all in college, however, queer people are often left out of traditional sex education and so they learn sex Ed that may not apply to them!

It wouldn’t be SHAG week without a ball! Our SHAG ball will be a traffic light party, so pick whatever color you wish, whether you’re single and ready to mingle or taken but still looking for a great night out!

What if we told you that TUDSU Drag Race was back? Yes! TUDSU Drag Race is back with a bit of a facelift in the form of The Rose Of TUDSU! An homage to the wonderful Rose of Tralee, we have a fantastic lineup of competitors and an incredible panel of judges including Annie Queeries and Viola Gayvis! Your host for the night is the one and only Dona Tarte who is your twitch streaming baking extraordinaire!

Are you a sexpert? Think you know all there is to know about sex, relationships, and STIs? Then come along to our Big Sexy Quiz 2.0 to challenge your knowledge and maybe win some amazing prizes!

We have plenty of prizes, information, and fun for all students to get involved in, so keep an eye out for all the events!

We have mixed it up this year! We know that some of us got a little lonely over the lockdowns and may be in need of a shift. We want to make that right! This SHAG BALL is a Traffic light party! If you not familiar with the idea here’s the rules! We will be giving each person one of three colours to wear on their person for the night! VERY IMPORTAnT! Choose carefully! The colours have a very important meaning.

  • Green – Single and Looking
  • Yellow – Proceed with Caution
  • Red – Stop, No, Never, Don’t even try!

You can get tickets for all our events here.

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