What I Realized while Re-Watching Victorious


Victorious is on Netflix. I repeat, Victorious is on Netflix.

Some of you guys haven’t watched Victorious and it shows, come on, you’ve got Arianna Grande when she was just a tall latte, some banging tunes, and that girl who plays Jade West, need I say more?

Since we are currently on lockdown, I decided to re-watch the show to try to remember if it was as good as I remembered from my youth. So here is a list of some things I noticed.

  1. Tori is arguably the worst character

This is not an original opinion by any means, but it is true. They made her be too naïve and it just came across as super annoying. She quite literally assaults her sister on multiple occasions, kisses her friends significant others and doesn’t take responsibility for those actions, and do you guys not remember ‘Give it Up’ Cat and Jade are just absolute powerhouses, Tori could never have that sort of versatility. Also, she wears low rise jeans which just creep me out honestly. I say arguably the worst character solely because she sang Take a Hint with Jade, so that’s one positive to her character I suppose.

  1. Trina and Tori’s parents are questionable

They allow their children to hit and scream at each other (seeming to only care about their own possessions), they go on holidays to not have to look after one of their children in a time of need. They also never seem to go to their performances (how rude) and basically just mock them. Their mother also makes them starve before going to school by always eating everything in the house and laughing at their misfortune. Yet, they aren’t painted as villains, just quirky parents?

  1. We are all Trina

No matter how much we try to be Cat or Jade, we are all collectively Trina. We try way too hard and can be quite bitchy let’s be real. But it’s not all bad news, remember that absolute bop Chicago (or should I say She-cago) that was a pop song before it’s time and is arguably one of the best songs in existence.

  1. Dan Schneider is obsessed with feet?

There have been many a conspiracy theory made on this but it seems to be true. There is even an entire episode where they all feel each-others feet after pukka fish pedicures. Feet are mentioned a lot in this show quite often and its quite strange when you notice it. Apparently, if you look at more of his shows you see this trend a lot.

Okay, and now for my ranking of favourite songs!

In 5th place: Begging on your Knees, okay, I know I talked a lot of crap about Tori as a character, but this song is a certified bop. Plus she also got all of the other girls that this guy used and put them into this performance. Put him in his place.

In 4th place we have: You Don’t Know Me. Reason? I just stan Jade.

In 3rd place we have: Give it Up, this song was so amazing that when Arianna Grande and Liz Gilles had a reunion they performed it during Arianna’s Sweetener tour.

In 2nd place: Take a Hint. Girls and gays, we all know, this song is an absolute bop. If they played this in the George, I would honestly lose my damn mind.

Finally, the best show on Victorious, with no surprise, is Chicago! Trina Vega’s smash hit, are any of us shocked? I think not.

Hope you guys are all doing well and social distancing isn’t too boring!

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