Essential Film Watching This Christmas


If you’ve had enough of Christmas-themed films, have no fear, we have compiled the best of new films that you can watch over the holidays. Enjoy!

Spider-Man No Way Home

(released on 15 Dec) Lads, it’s going to be the film of the year. There’s so much hype leading up to the closing chapter of Tom Holland’s Spiderman trilogy. The big question is, will Tobey and Andrew make it to the big screen?





House of Gucci

(out now in cinemas) Not gonna lie to you besties, I was expecting more from this movie with the cast. If you’re Italian you will be highly offended by Jared Leto’s accent. Quite long as well just over 2.5 hours but I did enjoy it!





Ghostbusters: Afterlife

(out now in cinemas) Sexiest man of the year Paul Rudd is chased by mini Stay-Puft Marshmallow men. If you’re a fan of the originals it’s definitely worth seeing!





King Richard

(out now in cinemas) The story of how tennis legends Serena and Venus Williams came to be thanks to the help of their father, Richard. Will Smith is absolutely fantastic in it, would recommend this one definitely!





Last Night in Soho

(out now in cinemas but will soon be leaving) The best film I’ve seen so far this year. A thriller directed by Edgar Wright that switches between modern day and the 60s. Fashion, murder and a few cheeky tunes all rolled up into this deadly flick





(out now in cinemas) Disney’s new movie starring the magical Madrigal family who have all been gifted powers except for Mirabel. When the magic begins to fail the Madrigals and their community fight to save it together.





West Side Story


(released on Dec. 10th)The highly anticipated revival of the original classic. From what I have seen, it follows the same storyline and is not a modernisation. Get ready for some aggressive finger clicks.




The Matrix Resurrections


(released on Dec. 22nd). The 4th instalment in the Matrix franchise where we will see Keanu Reeves’ Neo re-enter the Matrix again. (Pretty sure the other 3 are on Netflix to get you caught up)




Don’t Look Up

(released on Dec. 10th on Netflix). Here it is, the reason all of our Netflix subscriptions went up. How else where they going to pay Meryl Streep, Leobardo Di Caprio, Ariana Grande, Jennifer Lawrence and Jonah Hill?. Jennifer and Leo’s characters are trying to warn the world of an incoming comet that’s going to destroy Earth but are baffled that nobody is listening




No Time to Die

(out now in cinemas but will soon be leaving) Daniel Craig’s last hurrah as agent 007 as he tries to save the world one last time. But after reuniting with his ex girlfriend and realising he’s a father will Bond put love first?






(out now in cinemas but will soon be leaving) The anticipated remake of the 1984 film of the same name. While this is only the first part, the second part will be released next year (I think). If you’re going to see this film to Zendaya, don’t. She makes an appearance for a solid 5 minutes.





(out now in cinemas but will soon be leaving). I’m yet to see this myself, but I’ve heard it’s fantastic! Another story of the life of Princess Diana and another Kristen Stewart film on the list. Only playing in selected cinemas at the moment!




Tick, tick…BOOM!

(out now on Netflix) Andrew Garfield makes his return to acting to portray the late Jonathan Larson (a playwright) who believes he’s made the wrong career choice. Directed by the amazing Lin-Manuel Miranda, it’s a must see!

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