Surviving Exams


Exams can often feel like the end of the world. The worry and pressure associated are definitely part of the package but hopefully with these tips you can alleviate some of the pressure! 

You’re Not Alone

You are not alone, don’t worry everyone feels stressed. When I feel like this I like to study with friends from different departments or campuses.

This means that someone is studying with me but we don’t interrupt each others study with questions.


Take a break, sit back and just breath for a few seconds. You may have a few study sessions that you just get a bit overwhelmed and sometimes the simplest things work like taking a few seconds to focus on your breath.

Keep it in Perspective 

Exams aren’t everything, repeats exist! Yes it sucks to give up your summer to focus on studying, but it happens and if you don’t pass this first time put your head down and make the effort over the summer. 


Drink water! I get horrible headaches from not drinking water and during exam season while trying to remember everything else this one sometimes gets left to the wayside 


Don’t stay up all night every night because you will not be able to retain any information. 

Also I have seen friends attempt to pull all nighters, fall asleep and miss exams the next day. It’s not worth it!  


Take time out of studying to eat dinner with your friends or family and chat to them. Exams might seem like the be all and end all right now but you come first.


Have a MANAGEABLE  plan of how your going to study, what you will need and the amount each day. Don’t try to cram in a full semester of work in one day. Have you past exam papers and talk to lecturers about any changes that might be made on the paper.

If you need any further advice and tips don’t hesitate to call into any of the SU offices or email You can find our Christmas operating hours here. 

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