Moya’s Top Tips for Coping with exams in time of Covid


Exams and assessment season is the most stressful of the year, they suck.  This year it might seem even more stressful but with a bit of thought and planning you can get through it. These are our Top Tips for alleviating exam anxiety and having the most successful exam period possible! 

Have a study plan 

Plan out your days / weeks and assign specific time to each task and stick to it. This is something that you have probably been told since the junior cert but its really helpful! Having a plan to look back on will help you realise the topics you have not covered yet. 

Prep your study space

Due to restrictions your favourite quiet coffee shop or secluded library spot is not available for studying. So make sure the environment you’re in now is fit for purpose. Try not to study on your bed. If you’re studying at a kitchen table or dining room be aware of when meals and busy times and plan your breaks accordingly. 

Keep Healthy 

Move around and eat well! Sometimes after a day of studying all you want to do is climb into bed and watch netflix. Try to get out for a walk or do some exercise

It will make you feel and  sleep a whole lot better. 

Keep Hydrated! 

Drink lots of water and it will make you feel better. Being hydrated helps with brain function! 

Have contact info 

My internet connection has been appalling recently and I’m sure other people are having similar IT issues. Write down the phone number for the college IT support just in case you need their  assistance. (I spent all of first year not knowing I could download AutoCAD onto my laptop!)

Upload Early 

Try uploading your assignments or exams as early as possible before the actual deadline! You never know when something might  happen like your wifi drops or your assignment takes ages to upload. Upload early to avoid last minute panic! 

Be fully charged! 

Have your laptop or tech fully charged before an exam so you don’t have to frantically look for a charger halfway through. Or worse it dies and you never saved :O 


Let the people you’re living with know when you have an exam (oral etc) so that they don’t  interrupt you during that time. It’s not always easy to get 2 or 3 hours straight without interruption but if you tell your family / housemates far enough in advance it can help! 

I Can’t Do It!

If you really can’t do exams in the current circumstances or want another attempt there are options available  such as the new deferral process and submitting a  PC1. See here for detailed info). If you believe this is the only option for you, we will be able to clarify the implications.

Remember we are here to help you with any question – if we don’t have the answer straight away we will find out and let you know. 

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