A Students’ Union – Whats the Point?


A strong Students’ Union is a fundamental part of your University experience. An SU is made up of it’s members – our members are every single TU Dublin student. We work to improve the student experience, and we provide services to you that you won’t find anywhere else. It’s important that you make the most of your time in TU Dublin, and your SU is to help you do that.

So, what’s all the fuss about? Why do you need a Students’ Union?


We are the only organisation in TU Dublin that represents students independently. So that means, we can work in the best interests of students at all times. Every year, students elect a team of officers to work for the year on their behalf. Locally we elect and train over 500 Class Reps for their critical role as the spokespersons for their class on Programme Committees. Students pay on average €3,000 to be here – and we want to make sure you get your money’s worth.

With one voice, we have achieved a lot of things: Moving exam dates, resolving issues with lecturers, and improving facilities – we can achieve a lot more when we work together.

Without a UnionThere would be no unified voice for students. No training opportunities would be provided to give a platform to students in their own University.


We offer a free, independent and confidential information and advice service, helping students with topics such as exams issues, accommodation, finance and disciplinary matters. Our professional staff can support you and give advice when you need it. Our SU offices are located in 5 of the buildings in the City Campus, and we are open all year round! Last year, we helped over 1,200 students to give them the advice and support they needed.

Without a Union – Students risk getting biased or inaccurate information. We have fully trained people who dedicate their time to helping you and they are completely independent.

Fun, Inclusion, and Information

The SU runs campaigns and events for students all year. We provide a stress-free environment, with the opportunity to get involved and make lifelong friends. Through our campaigning, we get the student voice out there and make a difference for students.

Without a Union – University would be shite craic! And there would be no microwaves to be seen.

Development Opportunities

In your SU, there is ALWAYS something in it for you. Whether it’s joining our crews, becoming a Class Rep or attending one of our many workshops, you will always have plenty of opportunities to develop your knowledge and skills.

We also offer student jobs, through our leap card station and student media crew!

That’s a short snapshot of what the SU can do for you. Barry made a video to explain it nice and simply!


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