Face Coverings The New Fashion Must Have!!


At the moment wearing a face covering is important to stop the spread of coronavirus, point blank. Face coverings are now mandatory on public transport, and highly advised when it is difficult to maintain social distancing. This probably means that we need to wear face coverings when we’re on TU Dublin campuses too. 

We all should know by now that wearing a face covering not only reduces your chance of contracting covid-19 but also your chance of spreading it. But not everyone realizes yet how damn cute and FASHIONABLE they can be. So today I have compiled a list for you of cute, fun and fresh face masks!! 

Me looking amazing in my Lacoste face mask

Top Tips for Buying Masks

Shop Local! 

Lots of local businesses such as Tailors and Laundromats, are producing their own masks made in store. Most I have seen are going around €5 or 3 for €10! 

Each of these stores obviously have slightly different prices or masks in store but you can find some real gems.

Make your own!

My sister is a sustainable kween and decided to make her own masks and they turned out fab. But if you don’t have the crafting abilities, maybe reach out to an older relative with the idea and fabric and ask if they could help you by making masks! A lot of older people have been cocooning for some time and might love the idea. 

Check out some instagram/Etsy/Depop stores!


Some of the most gorg masks I have seen are from scrolling through instagram! @Lazy_banana_shop has truly made the mask into a funky accessory with matching scrunchies to boot. You can order one by DMing her through instagram, the mask and scrunchie set cost €15 including postage!


Rebecca repping her interest in nutrition wears a mask from @leap_Design

Shop Irish! 

Many Irish stores are stocking masks. I got a fab and comfy face mask for my brother and aunt from irishsocksociety.com they were only €4 and I’ve been told that they are very comfortable. Alittleidea.ie also has some lovely facemasks and pins!

I’m quite particular about the feel of things and the IrishLinnenHouse.com is definitely going to be where I go for my next mask purchase.

Shop online! 

Sometimes the easiest thing to do is shop online, but try to make sure you make sensible and sustainable choices! For many people some of the above are not options but keep in mind that you can make good sustainable choices while shopping online. I recently bought masks for myself and mam off Zalando and they had a large selection of sustainable options for masks. I ordered two different styles of masks from Zign; Zolandos own brand. They had packs of 10 for €28 which is a great option for larger households! 

Useful Information on Wearing Face Coverings 

With masks being now compulsory on public transport and hopefully more and more people wearing them. Masks are soon if not already an essential part of people’s life, so choose one you like to wear.

When removing your mask you should do so by the ear band rather then the face covering part. You can wash most masks with your normal laundry load but always check the care label, you don’t want to ruin your new fancy gisy silk mask! Further guidelines from the HSE are available here: https://www2.hse.ie/conditions/coronavirus/face-masks-disposable-gloves.html

VP for Welfare & Equality and Glasses wearer Fionn in his 2 for €5 Dunnes Stores mask

If you’re a glasses wearer you can wash your glasses with soapy water just before you put on your mask and let them air dry and this will reduce fogging. Getting a mask with an adjustable nose band can also help restrict air flow up through your glasses. 

They can be uncomfortable and warm but I’d rather wear a mask then get myself or a loved one sick! 

Face Coverings and TU Dublin

Lesley our Lovely VP for Welfare and Equality, rocking a dunnes stores reusable face mask! 5 for €5 can’t be beat!

As I said, it’s likely that we will need to wear face coverings when we’re on campus, at least some of the time. This will be another expense on students, so we will continue to push for funding for students to get face coverings – if they become mandatory, they should definitely be provided by TU Dublin. 

If you have questions about face coverings, or health and safety on campus, reach out to your Welfare and Equality officers. They are all available on email at advice@tudublinsu.ie 


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