Top Tips for a Good Night Out


Have somewhat of a Plan… 

…or someone who will make a plan I don’t know how many times me and my mates have arrived into town to meet up and someone is wearing tracksuit bottoms and can get in anywhere. Or I’m sitting in a taxi leaving pres and the only thing the taxi person has been informed is to drop us to ‘town’.

Having a plan means, everyone will be adequately dressed to get into the venue. You will have (hopefully) budgeted how much you’re planning on spending for the night and you can tell your mate who is always late where you will be!

Have an Escape Route

First of all try have a friend that understands what your frantic eye contact means when that creepy dude keeps grinding on you. Their pulling you away by the hand can really save a night! Second of all this goes for leaving, knowing who you’re getting a taxi with or walking home is great is saves you some cash and nobody should be walking home alone at night!

Have Change for the Cloak Room

It’s Ireland, it gets cold, bring a coat on a night out.I don’t care how cute your outfit is bring a coat! Take a photo of your cloak room ticket, just in case you lose it.Getting both a crippling hangover and a cold from a night out isn’t worth it

If your taking anything do it safely!

Know who you got it off. Be with someone you trust. Don’t mix and if everything goes south get help! It could save someone’s life

Make sure you account for everyone

If you haven’t seen your mate in a few hours shoot them a text to make sure they’re safe. I love an irish goodbye but always follow up with a text while I’m in the taxi or walking home. I have had mates show up to afters an hour late after we had just up and left without checking we had everyone. It’s never a good buzz to have forgotten someone in the club.

Drink some Water

Before I go to sleep I always take a paracetamol and drink a few glasses of water is saves you from the worst hangover in the morning.

Nurse your Hangover

Being hungover is the perfect excuse for not doing anything all day except take care of yourself. There are very few times as an adult that you can guilt free do whatever you want all day. you can put of doing laundry and eat takeaway instead. Therefore perfect your hangover cure! (mine is a chicken roll and lucozade sport). Lay in bed all day eating snacks, watching Netflix and ignoring all the views your drunken Instagram stories got before you could take them down in the morning.

and have a great holiday season!!

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