USI Congress 2017 – Day Two Highlights

Technological University Dublin

Today began with the Welfare motions, which were highly emotionally driven as delegates shared heartbreaking and deeply personal stories as they took to the podium. DITSU’s welfare motions were not reached by the time the guillotine dropped at 12pm, and will be revisited tomorrow morning. However, your union spoke out all day in favour and in opposition over a widely diverse range of subjects throughout the day, from the protection of the J1 Visa program to the Irish Language Act in Northern Ireland, as well as the organisation of the USI itself.

Today saw a huge increase in the amount of first-time speakers from the DITSU delegation, and we’re hugely proud of them for using their voice to represent you, the student body. Our delegation showed its diversity and proved the point that everyone has a unique opinion on all subjects, and that everyone has a right to their own opinion. This was especially shown when DITSU delegates even engaged in impassioned debates against one another on motions throughout the course of the day in the categories of Equality, Citizenship, Academic Affairs and National and International Affairs.

It wasn’t all serious though, the DITSU Delegation even had time to bust out the Cha Cha Slide after dinner.

We have another long day ahead of us tomorrow, so remember to follow us on Snapchat @ditsusnaps and Twitter @dit_su for bonus photos and videos, and check out our Facebook Page here! 

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