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First of all, if any Freshers are reading, welcome to DIT! If you’re a returning student, welcome back to another wonderful year with DITSU. We hope you have a fantastic time, and your new team of elected officers is so excited to work with you this year. My name is Póilín and I’m your College Officer here in Grangegorman. I’ve prepared some handy hints that I’ve learned from my time as a student here in Grangegorman that I’m going to share with you now!

Water Fountains

There are 5 different cold water fountains here in Grangegorman, and three geysers or kettles where you can get hot water to make your own tea! I’ve made a handy map to let you know where these are.

Map of water fountains in Grangegorman

The most accessible cold water dispensers are in the canteen, the SU Building (Bradogue), and also in the gym in Glassmanogue. There’s a kettle in the SU Building as well so you can fill your pot noodle or make coffee in there. The more hidden dispensers are a hot and cold water fountain on the 1st floor of the North House, just around the corner from the lift. There’s a kitchenette there where you can wash your cups as well. Just be sure to clean up after yourself! There’s also a hot and cold fountain down the hall from the library on the 1st floor of Rathdown if it’s raining and you can’t be bothered leaving the building, which we don’t blame you for if it’s raining.

Gates to Stoneybatter/Prussia Street

Campus hours during term time are 8am-10pm from Monday to Friday, and 8am-5pm on a Saturday, but the gates to Tesco on Prussia Street and down to Stoneybatter both close at 6pm so be careful you don’t get locked in or out!

Library times & Lockers

Opening hours for the library can be found here.

GG library hours

Lockers are located in the North Annex, sign-ups for lockers are done at the Porter’s Desk, and if you join the DITSU Grangegorman Students Facebook page, you can stay in the loop on when they’ll be taking names. Lockers are free, however they are in short supply so make sure you get there early!

Quick and cheap coffee?

We have a great canteen here in Grangegorman with fresh food prepared onsite every day, but if you’re in the North House studios and you need a quick caffeine fix, and can’t make it down to Rathdown quick enough, there’s a café called Blend at the Prussia street gate (next to Tesco) that has fab student deals when you show your student card.

Blend Student Deals Blend Student Deals

Passing Pups 

Grangegorman is blessed with the gift of being the campus most likely to have cute dogs, and eventually you’ll even start to recognise the regulars. My personal favourite one looks like a grizzly bear, and it pops by every so often. It’s huge and fluffy and friendly so make sure to keep an eye out for that one!

Skateboard Dog

Finally, and I know I mentioned it before, but here’s a reminder to join the DITSU Grangegorman Students Facebook page, it’s where I’ll be posting all the events and news from around campus so if you want to stay updated on free tea and coffee stands, tie-dyes, bake sales and other news make sure to join!

Have a fab year and I’ll see you on campus!

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4th Year student of Design & Visual Communications and College Officer for Grangegorman 2018/19! It's pronounced paw-leen, if you're wondering.


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