Grangegorman Class Rep Meeting Update


The first Grangegorman Class Rep meeting was on Wednesday the 17th of October. It was great to meet all of the reps in attendance, some familiar faces and some new, and to introduce everyone to the Class Rep system and how the meetings work!

Student Council Elections

Four Student Councillors were elected at the first CRM. These councillors are there to represent Grangegorman and your student voice at the Student Council: DITSU’s highest decision-making body. Councillors represent the voices and opinions of the student body (20,000 students) both locally to the DIT and on a national level.

For those of you who aren’t sure what they do, the main role of Student Council is to set out policies and mandates for DITSU, to oversee the work that we do and to hold their elected officers to account.

There is one more space available on Student Council for a GG student, and if you like politics, debating, and want to make new friends outside of your course, you can fill out the online nomination form here, which gives more details on the election process!

Timetabling Issues

Every year, students struggle with unforeseen issues with timetables, and we’ve seen that there’s a distrust in the online timetabling system. This is something we’ve been working really hard to rectify for the last few years, but there still seems to be some issues with classes being moved halfway through lectures, and some rooms being double-booked. If you’re having issues with your timetable, make sure to ask your Rep to contact the your programme chair. If that doesn’t work, contact your local Student Advisor (Hazel in GG!), or Rebecca, your VP for Education.

Library User Groups

Every semester, myself and Hazel meet with the library staff and it’s vital that we have student voices along with us to represent the needs of the students who use the library’s facilities. Several issues were raised surrounding library services at the CRM, and it’s important that students attend these User Groups so that library staff are aware of the problems. If they don’t know, they can’t fix it, so please get involved with this user group!

DITSU Grangegorman Students Facebook Group

Lastly, I asked all Reps to join the DITSU Grangegorman Students page on Facebook, and to add all of their classmates to the page. So if you’re a GG student and you want to know when we’ll be running exclusive GG competitions and giveaways, go and join the group here! It’s also a great way to keep in touch with other students on campus, and to post whenever you know something cool is going on that other people can go to on or near campus.

The next Class Rep Meeting is on the 7th of November, and remember that every student is welcome to attend!

See you then 🙂



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