Walking the Tightrope


I’ve had a fantastic semester, full of highs but also some lows. I’ve always been of the opinion that managing expectations is important in any scenario, and that being prepared is the best possible solution for any problem, and that has helped immensely in semester one. I enjoy my work with DITSU so much, but it’s also important to realise that I’m a student first, and that I wouldn’t be involved with DITSU if I wasn’t in DIT. I’m in my final year of Visual Communication, which is a tough Creative Arts course with continued assessment and constant refining of details and work, so I knew that I had to maintain balance in my work, both with DITSU and especially in College.

DITSU has given me so many opportunities already and I’ll always be so grateful to everyone I work with for their continued support and passion for what we do every day. I’ve done things like go around almost every class in Grangegorman to elect reps, I’ve given tours, chaired Class Rep meetings, sat in on College Board meetings, improved my public-speaking skills and critical thinking, learned so much more about student politics and politics in general, and made so many good friends along the way.

(Ignore the lying bit, I just love B99)

I’ve also had the amazing opportunity to help DITSU bring more Gaeilge into their everyday operations, and my hope is that this will continue into the TU and TUDSU in the new year. It’s been an invaluable experience so far and I’m absolutely buzzing for semester two!

For anyone considering going for the role (and you should, it’s amazing) it’s important to carve out time for everything in your life. If you always know what’s going on, there’s less of a chance you’ll neglect anything. Learning to say no to things, and prioritising your tasks is the way forward, but you also have to make time for yourself and for your friends. Help yourself so that you can better help others! If you have any questions feel free to contact me at any time. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas break and that you relax and rejuvenate for another busy semester with DITSU!

Nollaig shona daoibh go léir x


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4th Year student of Design & Visual Communications and College Officer for Grangegorman 2018/19! It's pronounced paw-leen, if you're wondering.


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