USI Congress 2017 – Day One Highlights

DITSU Delegation
DITSU Delegation on day one of USI17

The Union of Students of Ireland Congress of 2017 kicked off today, and your Union was up bright and early this morning to travel to Ennis, Co. Clare to take part and to make sure DIT’s student voice is heard.

The day started with the congress briefing and an opening address from USI President Annie Hoey, followed by getting stuck into Policies due to expire. Our very own VP for Education Kieron Pierson kicked off with a National Council proposal for a strategic review of the USI, which passed with no opposition. This was followed by a proposal, again by Kieron, to implement nationally what DITSU has successfully been using internally for a while now, a traffic light system for mandates within the USI Policy Manual, which marks incomplete mandates in red, mandates-in-progress highlighted in orange and completed mandates in green. However, this was met with uncertainty, and the vote came to a count wherein the motion did not pass. Other National Council mandates in which members of DITSU participated were the motions for financial statements at every National Council, in order to ensure financial transparency, and our DITSU President Boni spoke in favour of the support USI gives the Migrant Rights Council of Ireland (MRCI) for regularisation of undocumented migrants.

The mandate for continued support of the Technological Universities legislation, which ensures recognition of TUDSU, the collective voice of IT Tallaght, IT Blanchardstown and DIT, by the Higher Education Authority and the Department of Education. Your union spoke in full support of this mandate and the motion passed with no opposition.

The day concluded with statements and a Q&A session with the USI Election candidates, and voting for the elections begins tomorrow.

The congress continues in the morning with Welfare mandates, where DIT has three back-to-back motions up for debate. Academic, national and international affairs will also be covered, as well as the organisation of the union, plus motions concerning equality and citizenship. Keep up to date with us on Snapchat: @ditsusnaps, Twitter :@dit_su and on our Facebook page.

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