5 places in Dublin to go for Social Distance Pints & Food

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Mema’s – Parnell Street

Mema’s is a cool alternative bar with a heated smoking area out the back. Not only is the smoking area one of the best features of the bar but they also have amazing food as well! The smoking area is the coolest smoking area ever. It has multicoloured lights, cool seats and also is covered so the rain can’t get in at you! The staff are friendly and adhere to social distancing rules too. They are extremely student friendly as they are right beside Cathal Brugha Street. They also have cool cocktails and food and drink deals. 

The Bernard Shaw – Drumcondra

Sadly The Bernard Shaw on the south side that we all love and know is shut but the North side is still kicking away! I know Drumcondra is abit away from the city but it’s worth it! Deals on cocktails and amazing food is worth the walk/ bus journey. It’s extremely student friendly and some of the staff have even studied in our colleges so make sure you tip well! 😉 

Mary’s – Wicklow Street

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Mary’s may look like a hardware store but it’s not your ordinary hardware store…it’s also a pub and a Wowburger downstairs! I know right? Insane! This pub is a lot of fun as you think you’re going in to buy a hammer but end up getting hammered instead. You need to obviously buy some wow burger before having a few drinks but again wow burger is worth it and you get to enjoy a different type of pub that’s right next to grafton street.

Workman’s – Wellington Quay

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Still on the theme of Wowburger…Workman’s is your next place! They have a cute little wow burger shack upstairs that’s also a smoking area and also a seating area! Social distancing here is really good and the vibes are always lit. This is a hipster/alternative bar so you will definitely see some college student’s there that you can chill with! 

Alfie’s – South William Street

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Alfie’s can be found not too far from Grafton Street and close enough to Kevin and Aungier Street campuses. The staff here are really nice and the food is unreal. They have great deals and best of all they do takeaway cocktails! What else could you ask for?


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