Let’s talk about ‘Study Drugs’


Although times like this can be extremely stressful for some students, we are also aware other students feel as though they may need to learn a whole semester (in some cases two semesters) within a week or so. This is not the case. We are also aware some students may turn to ‘study drugs’ to ‘cope’ or ‘cram’ the coursework within a few days. Again, this is not the case.

Many students have been found buying non-prescribed ADHD and/or ADD medication to help them concentrate and cram for exams or to reach assessment deadlines. According to an article written by the Journal.ie ‘Adderall, Ritalin, Wakealert, Modalert and Concerta are some common drugs taken, according to students and college authorities.’ A link to the article will be posted below.

Taking drugs like this has effects on your body and can cause depression, insomnia, anxiety and much more. We in TU Dublin SU are aware that this is happening quite frequently within our student population and are appalled that there is not enough research being done in the area due to stigmatization and prejudice.

There are always risks when taking drugs. It is always safer not to use at all, but if you do, follow harm reduction information to help reduce the harm. There is more information on www.drugs.ie.

Here at TU Dublin Students’ Union, our Advice Service is always free, Independent, confidential, impartial, and non-judgemental service available to all TU Dublin students. If you feel like you need help or advice please contact us at advice@tudublinsu.ie. TU Dublin also provides a counselling service, chaplaincy and health centre that you can find more information on our sister website tudublinsu.ie/advice. 

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