Tips for Supplemental Exams


Do out a schedule and try your best to stick to it. A routine is always good and improves your mental health and gives you more time to relax whilst being less anxious.

Eat Well; A well balanced diet with limited junk food and loads of water is brilliant for brain function. You don’t want a sugar crash half way through your studies.

Avoid alcohol and study drugs! Period!

Get regular exercise; 30 mins a day of exercise helps improve memory, reduce stress, increase productivity and it increases your mood.

Get a good night’s rest! The recommended time is 8 hours a night. Also, take study breaks in order for your brain to rest and take in all the information you just learned.

Don’t stress too much; if you are very anxious or over stressed please contact us at or the TU Dublin’s Counselling Service for support and advice – it’s Free!

Don’t leave everything to the last minute! Cramming never works even though it might seem like a good last minute idea.

Once the exams and deadlines are over you should take some time for yourself and relax. Just remember you deserve it, especially after all your hard work!

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