Places to go on ‘Holidays’ to when you can’t leave Dublin

Stephen's Green (photo via Wiki)

I’m sure some of you are aware right now that we are in the middle of a pandemic. Some might have missed it but don’t worry I have some great places you can go in Dublin that are social distancing friendly and great fun. Restrictions are easing up right so you are allowed to travel over 20km but I also understand some people are stuck up in Dublin in some of their accommodation so here are some fun things to do. Just remember to social distance, to wear your masks and wash your hands or use hand sanitiser every few minutes to minimise the chance of spreading COVID-19. Also, if you have symptoms don’t go on your ‘holidays’ and make sure you, self isolate and call your GP for a test.

Santa Stephen’s Green

Stephen’s Green is a wonderful park that caters for all ages. There’s plenty of room for social distancing and socialisation. There is no need for booking and it’s free of charge for everyone. You can get your steps in while enjoying the scenic views of the swans and screaming children at the playground.

Rathmines (photo via @mredgarallan)

Rathmines Riveria

Some know it as Rathmines Riveria others might just call it, ‘The Canal’. You can enjoy a beautiful scenic view of the canal or watch the cars go by until dark. It’s great for picnics with your mates and all round good vibes. Warning seagulls and angry neighbors might be around.

Walsh Park, Tallaght (photo via The Echo)

A visit to sunny Tallifornia

The world famous Tallifornia is back back back again. Visit the scenic views of the beautiful Tallaght where the famous Tallifornia was filmed. Hop on the luas there or grab the 27 same buzz! (make sure you wear your face mask on public transport). You’ve got everything close to you from a local hospital to a shopping centre called ‘The Square’ that isn’t shaped like a square. Take a lovely social distance walk with family or friends in the Sean Walsh Memorial Park and enjoy the essence of Tallaght.

Phoenix Park (photo via The Culture Trip)

Costa de Phoenix Park

Another park? Wow, you must think I’m crazy or Bear Grylls? The Phoenix Park is like Stephen’s Green but bigger and better! You’ll definitely get your steps in here and you can also sit and have a social distance picnic with your friends (or dog idk). Make sure you pop into Michael D and say ‘heyya’, he loves the chats.

Howth Beach (photo via

Long walks on Howth Beach

Howth is a great place to go on walks on the beach or if you head into the rural side you can see there are plenty of mountains to go walking up with your mates. Just be careful you don’t get blown away, not by the beautiful sites but also physically as it’s super windy up there! Wrap up warm and enjoy the beautiful scenery.


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