No Detriment UPDATE


Assessments are coming up soon, and we’re working on pushing for the maximum support for you as they approach. A full explainer is available here.

Thanks to your vocal support for a “No Detriment” Policy, we’re working with senior management, and pushing for this on your behalf.

We put forward a proposal with the following principles that you need to be fully supported:

  1. Every student must receive clear information and guidelines from their lecturers/ Head of School/ Head of Department (as appropriate) on the assessments issued and which will include adequate notice given of the submission deadline.
  2. Supplementary materials to support the student in studying for module assessments must be provided, e.g. sample exam questions/ assessment questions papers/ templates to reflect new methods, with particular focus on Postgraduates and Award years.
  3. Lecturers must be accessible and responsive to student queries.
  4. Students must be assured that the impact of COVID-19 will be taken into account at the point of assessment.
  5. To this end, students who were on course to progress/graduate based on marks obtained this year will only be advantaged by any further assignments completed i.e. the University will ensure that their final academic average is the same as, or higher than, the average obtained up to the closure of TU Dublin. There may be a requirement that students must pass the assessment to qualify for this protection.
  6. Assessment Boards reviewing marks for all assessments will take the COVID-19 situation into consideration. This will be considered at all Progression & Award Boards, (not at a Module Board level), so that a student’s entire suite of marks will be available for review.
  7. Integrity of assessment is vital, but all lecturing staff should assume that students undertake their assessments in good faith and in compliance with regulations.
  8. While deferral of assessment is an option for students, every student should be supported in any way to ensure that they can undertake the proposed ‘alternative’ assessment in May.
  9. Feedback will be provided to students on their performance in their assessments following the publication of results, per TU Dublin policy.
  10. Students who face extra assessment requirements such as placements, or those courses with implications from CORU have a clear and reasonable response to their issues broken down and communicated to them on the implications of COVID-19 and how these outcomes should be alternatively assessed if appropriate, with no student being disadvantaged as a result of responses made during the outbreak.
  11. These principles will be communicated to students in TU Dublin by the appropriate member of management (Heads of School or Department) and all lecturers will be advised also.

This proposal was discussed with the President and Registrar, who also want the best for students. We’re working with them, and making sure no compromise is made at the expense of students.

Going forward, the University management is working on An Assessment Strategy, which will give more detail on how we will go forward. This needs to be done as soon as possible, as we know you’re extremely anxious to get this information as soon as possible.

You’re all doing amazing work for all students in TU Dublin; continue to push for the support you need, and you will succeed.

Do the following to continue to keep the pressure up:

  1. Contact your lecturers, asking about assessments and pushing for support for your class.
  2. Contact the Registrar, at – ask her how the University is going to ensure there is no Academic Disadvantage for students during assessments.
  3. TELL YOUR CLASS. You need everyone to come together and keep up the momentum; this is a major task that needs to be completed, so get everyone involved!

If you are having issues currently around assessments (or anything else), don’t wait, and contact us at for support and guidance.


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