Students Coming to TU Dublin – What We Know So Far


There is a lack of information coming from TU Dublin around what is happening from September 2020. They’re working behind the scenes to prepare, and there is a lot of uncertainty right now. 

Here is what we know so far:

  • TU Dublin are awaiting on a Framework to be published by the Government on how to reopen Third Level colleges this year. Once they publish it, we will ensure TU Dublin follows these guidelines and communicates them clearly to students. 
  • The Government has recently announced additional funding to support the institutions and students through adapting to COVID-19. Once the funding allocation is provided to TU Dublin, we will push to ensure it is used immediately to prepare for this September. 
  • The expectation is that the majority of programme modules will be delivered remotely. Colleges are doing everything they can to see what core components of programmes must be done on-campus (e.g. practicals and labs) and what can be provided in a virtual environment. 
  • The health and safety of students and staff is the primary concern of TU Dublin. Face masks may become mandatory when you come to TU Dublin campuses. 
  • TU Dublin are looking at ways to make remote learning better – things like what needs to be taught live (synchronously) and what learning can be done at any time (asynchronously). For students, accessing and using Brightspace/ Moodle effectively will be critical as they engage with the new learning environment. The University is working on how to support students with this, looking at equipment for students and accessing resources, library services, and sports facilities. 

It’s important to remember that we are working with you to make sure this transition is as smooth as possible. Nothing has changed with TU Dublin SU; you’re still fully supported by your Union, and we are fighting to make sure that you get the quality education you expect, in spite of the restrictions required to manage the spread of COVID 19.

If you have questions, please get in touch. Our contact details are available here:

Please contact our Student Advisors/SU officers directly here if you have a specific issue: email 

Meanwhile, we are still working away with you in other areas too; find out more here.

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