What the Hell is a “No Detriment” policy?!


Students are super concerned and stressed about how upcoming assessments are going to affect their marks and their degree. This is really understandable, because you are all going through so much at this time; from no wifi, to caring responsibilities, to working in the health service, to mental health concerns, everyone is going through something. 

So, the idea of a “No Detriment” policy has spread across TU Dublin. Lorna Cuddy in final year in TU Dublin has created this petition, which has over 3,000 signatures at the time of writing (AMAZING!!) 

What is a “No Detriment” Policy?

At its heart, this policy aims to protect students and not have you at a disadvantage during your assessments during COVID-19. There isn’t a “one size fits all” policy for every University, so this policy needs to be adapted for TU Dublin. 

For us, it would mean that if your academic performance is affected during COVID-19, it won’t affect your overall grade or your qualification. 


So I don’t need to do any of the assessments during COVID-19?

NO, you need to do your assessments. There is the option to defer the assessment. But right now, we’re asking that you can complete the assessment now, and you are fully supported to do that. There might be a case where you need to pass the assessment to qualify for the “no detriment” policy. For example, if you had 60% in a module before COVID, and then you got 45% and passed the assessment during COVID, your grade would stay at 60% because you passed the assessment, but didn’t do great because of your circumstances. 


Has this been brought to Senior Management? What do they think of it?

Yes. The Students’ Union brought this policy idea on your behalf to Academic Council on the 1st April. We didn’t get the positive response we had hoped for, and that was really disappointing. So now, you need to push this and make sure you and your fellow students are taken seriously by the senior academics. We have asked for a written response, and we haven’t received one yet. 


What is going on in other Universities?

Ulster University and Queen’s University both have strong policies already in place; other HEI’s in Ireland are moving slowly with this, and are looking at making repeats fair for students. You need more, so you need to put pressure on the people in power to get the protection you deserve. 


What can I do?

Here’s the steps you can take:

  1. Share this article with your friends
  2. Sign the petition here: http://chng.it/QLyPWnk9L5
  3. Email our registrar, asking her to speak to SU representatives on this issue, and to bring in  this policy. An email template is available here. Her email is Mary.Meaney@tudublin.ie
  4. Get in touch with your TD’s with your concerns, an email template is available here.


Get in touch if you have any other ideas on how to push this.

There has never been a better time to use your voice and ensure you get the assurance you need. Take these actions, and make the changes you want! 


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