TU Dublin SU Joins the Call for a cut to the Student Contribution Charge


The Union of Students in Ireland (USI) have called for an immediate reduction of €500 to the Student Contribution Charge. Most undergraduate students pay at least €3000 a year, with Postgraduate and International students paying far, far more. A €500 reduction is the absolute least the Government can do to support students at this time. TU Dublin Students’ Union fully supports this call. The Government has recently announced more investment in Student Assistant Funds and equipment for students, but a fee reduction for all students is required immediately. 

While students adapted quickly to the new learning environment of remote learning, this won’t be happening next semester, as many students don’t have the suitable equipment or environment to learn properly. Many of our members don’t have a laptop that is suitable for their programme, or the working space to focus on their education. 

USI have called for a reduction, citing

the economic difficulties facing students who have lost jobs, had summer work hours reduced and were placed on a lower Pandemic Unemployment Payment because they were only working part-time during the academic year. 

Rebecca Gorman, President of TU Dublin SU, has been working with TU Dublin to make the transition to remote learning as easy as possible for students.

TU Dublin have been trying their best to adapt to this “new normal”, but without students being supported properly through fee reductions and increased SUSI support, there is a real chance many students won’t be able to stay in the University this year. A €500 reduction in the student charge is the absolute minimum that should be done by our Government, and we are eager to work with USI and the new Department to ensure students don’t get left behind this year. 

Students are encouraged to reach out to TU Dublin SU if they are experiencing difficulties preparing for the new academic year – supports are available, and they should be accessed as early as possible. 

Please visit tudublinsu.ie to find more resources, including contact details of the officers and staff working for our members. 

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