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Last week my older brother approached me with annoyance over the content I have been producing for Tudsu.TV, his claim is that its not good content. 

He explained that this is due to the fact that in the future he may become a famous writer (he’s not a writer)  and people will google him and that my Articles will come up and this is somehow a bad thing. 

He began to rant and I tuned him out until he said something that stuck out. ‘blah blah blah you could write an article on your favourite Instagram filters and they would publish it blah blah blah’. So here we are! 

Me, Rebecca, Barry and Dan have all picked out our 3 favourite Instagram filters!!


Lion King by @ohmyterv 

The background noise to this filter as well as the visuals encapsulate so many emotions for me. I feel as though it can be used in so many situations.

Horse Morph by @pompandclout 

Animal Crossing by @ dami_lee 

If like me and the team you have been obsessed with animal crossing this is perfect. This filter is perfect because it combines both the dialogue of it’s always sunny and the relevance of the animal crossing bunny day celebrations. (I also look cute in it) 


SUN BABY by @mas.bruh 

I loved the tellytubbies when I was small, so this really brings me back to my childhood. 

Bigode by @wondanland

Simple, classy. You could almost miss it! I love it 


Statement piece. I like my teeth, so this is quite flattering. 


Hamster Facetime by @Rinseband

The hamster is always there to keep you company and will listen to all your problems like “There’s no plain flour in the supermarket, now how am I gonna make three ingredient brownies”. The hamster stays open on my phone all day

Look@This Photograph by @anonamister

There’s no band I love more than Nickleback. This filter reminds of the classic meme ‘Look at this graph’ so it lets me live out my meme dreams

Face Hologram Box by @bma_japan

This one is not mere fantasy but could very well be reality in these crazy times. I for look forward to my face being projected as a hologram in a box.


Dancing 2 by @thalysteix

Everyone who knows me knows I got the steps and I love to move that body.  The life of the party? That’s me! Ain’t a dull moment around me So this filter fits perfectly just fine!

Soccer time by @anonamister

No one would have imagined living without soccer (it’s the real FOOTBALL!) or what it would have been like, but i must honestly say how much it’s killing every single weekday or weekend that goes by with live football action!  Please bring our football matches back! Great filter! Football is what brings us all together.

Nigerian Pride by

Times like this make you truly remember home, reflect on beautiful memories, how much you miss everything and everyone and what you’d give to just be around family and friends. Love this filter because it’s a representation of my heritage! 

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