BeSafe BeSexy Week


BeSafe BeSexy is a very sexy and risque week of events starting on Monday, 18th of November.  All the events are based around safe, consensual sex and we will be giving out info on STIs, contraception and barrier contraception. The idea behind it is to inform you about your sexual health  

Monday 18th November, Be Informed! Advice Stand (BST)

The week kicks off in Bolton Street common room between 12 noon and 2pm. Loads of information on your sexual health and how to manage it, there will be lovely folk from the medical centre to answer your questions in a non judgemental and discreet. There will also be complimentary tea and coffee! You might also be lucky enough to win a free STI Check! Whoop! Follow our facebook event page.

Tuesday 19th November, Be Inclusive! The FAQs of LGBTQ Focus Group

In conjuction with TU Dublin’s LGBTQ Society, we present the ABC’s of LGBTQ is a focus group aimed at having a conversation about the tricky, embarrassing, silly, invasive and downright inappropriate questions sometimes asked of people in the lgbtq community. It is with a view to producing a campaign aimed at the general student population to educate and inform from a LGBTQ perspective. Sign up here.

Wednesday 20th November, Be Informed! Advice Stand (AST)

Another fun and informative tea and coffee info stand, so nice we’re doing it twice for MAXIMUM COVERAGE! The second of the info stands will be in Aungier street opposite the Grumpy mule between 12 noon and 2pm. Come down and say hi, pick up some condoms and leave that bit more clevererer. The medical centre will also be representing with info on your sexual health, STIs and all that stuff! Event page here.

Thursday 21st November, Sexy Sexy Table Quiz

The finale of the week is a very sexy sexy table quiz with some risque questions on Sex, STIs, The LGBTQ community and contraceptives. Expect fun games throughout the night, loads of prizes and lots of laughing. In Whelans in the Parlour (upstairs), doors at 7pm, kick off at 8pm. Get tickets over on our event page.


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