#FundtheFuture – The Campaign to Fund Higher Education

On the 21st March, students and staff across Ireland will be taking part in a day of action to protest the lack of investment in our Higher Education system. The lack of funding has caused many issues and students are affected most. In DITSU, we see students due struggling to come to college, due to paying high fees, extortionate rents and grants continuing to be cut. The situation is unacceptable, and that is why we are taking a stand on the 21st of March.

Here are some important facts about the current funding situation:

  • After Brexit, Ireland will have the highest student fees in the EU, at €3000
  • SUSI grants have not increased in line with the cost of living and soaring rents
  • While student numbers keep increasing, funding is decreasing
  • Our international students are exploited with very high fees to maintain the system
  • There has been a 363% increase in fees between 2007-2014

These reasons are why we are campaigning. In our current buildings you can see the lack of funding gone into our facilities, and understaffing is affecting many aspects of our student experience.

We are calling on the government to finally provide the investment our education system deserves; we need publicly-funded education and increased grant support for students. Education is a public good, and for every euro the government invests, they get far more back!

On the 21st of March, please join us and add your voice to the #FundTheFuture campaign.We will be posting on social media throughout the day and staging walkouts on campus. Our class reps have had photos taken, so please share them too! We need to work together in this, or nothing will change. Join the cause and help us campaign for publicly-funded education!

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