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Are you interested in running? Nominations are open until Monday, 11th March, you can find all the information you need to know about putting yourself forward here.

On 21st February, it passed overwhelmingly across the three campuses – 95% in City Campus, 98.8% in Tallaght and 96% in Blanchardstown! This was the referendum held by DIT Students’ Union, IT Tallaght SU and IT Blanchardstown SU to approve the new Constitution that would establish TU Dublin Students’ Union. Now we have the Constitution, next we need to elect the Officers for TU Dublin SU when it comes into existence on 1st July 2019.

How is it all going to happen?

The nominations open for the 23 positions across all campuses on Monday 4th March @ 12pm and close on Monday 11th March @ 12pm. The online nomination form can be found here and outlines what is needed for it to be accepted, such as a photo, manifesto, signatures and €20 deposit dropped into your local SU office. It’s extremely important that you read the rules and regulations relating to elections, campaigning and budgets which can be found here . Once nominations close, campaigning begins, with voting taking place on Tuesday 26th and Wednesday 27th March.

What are the positions?

The following positions include the overall positions and positions confined only to the City Campus. You can find all the positions in the TU Dublin SU Constitution.

TU Dublin SU President

This is the overall President of TU Dublin SU and chief spokesperson of the Union. This is a full-time paid position with overall responsibility for the leadership and management of the Union, and to co-ordinate Union activities and services across all campuses. This is an important role as the President sits on committees at the highest level across the University, including Governing Body and Academic Council and is held accountable by the Student Council of the Union.

Postgraduate Officer

This a part-time paid position and must be a registered postgraduate student. This is for the overall Postgraduate Officer of the Union to represent all postgraduate students across TU Dublin. The role involves supporting and engaging postgraduate students and sitting on committees, including Governing Body and Academic Council. The postgraduate voice is extremely important and needs to be captured to ensure their rights and needs are represented within the University.

Deputy President

There is three Deputy Presidents – one for City Campus, Blanchardstown and Tallaght. This is a full-time paid position and will be the role normally undertaken by the DITSU President but now for the City Campus for TU Dublin SU. They will sit on committees and assist the President in developing the representative role of the Union and in advancing policy, and promoting and co-ordinating activities on their campus. They are held accountable by the Student Council and between the three Deputy Presidents, deputise for the President when required.

Vice President for Education

This is a full-time paid position with the responsibility for the Class Rep system, training and recruitment; exams and assessments and quality assurance within the City Campus. The Vice President for Education sits on a lot of committees for academic and quality assurance, including Academic Council, Library Committee and Academic Boards. This is an important now as the University will make changes in the coming year that will affect the quality of education for students and the role needs to ensure that students are involved throughout the process, with their voices heard and represented.

Vice President for Welfare & Equality

This is a full-time paid position to look after student welfare and equality matters in the City Campus. This may include running campaigns and workshops on student health (mental, physical and sexual), accommodation and finance. The added brief of Equality is to ensure all student rights are represented within the Union, especially minorities, LGBT and students from disadvantaged backgrounds. They will also sit on several committees such as Health & Safety and Green Campus and are responsible for dealing with facility issues in the City Campus.

Vice President for Events & Engagement

This is a full-time paid position to organise all events and social activities in the City Campus and working closely with Clubs & Societies. The biggest part of the role is fundraising for charity, which in the last 3 years has raised over €50,000. The role is both fun and serious as the engagement aspect ensures that our volunteers and students are supported through training, workshops and rewards.  

College Officer

This is a part-time paid position, and you must be registered and studying in a course within the City Campus. There is a College Officer for each of the following in the City Campus – Aungier St, Bolton St, Kevin St, Cathal Brugha St, Grangegorman and Rathmines & Bimm. The role involves working at least 10 hours a week as they are responsible for the recruitment and engagement of Class Reps and chairing the local Class Representative meeting. The may also run their own events and assist the Officers in running campaigns and activities on their campus. Contact your local College Officer for more information relating to your campus.

Why run in the elections?

This is an opportunity of a lifetime to be the first elected officers of TU Dublin Students’ Union. TU Dublin SU will not only be the biggest Students’ Union in Ireland, but the strongest and bravest amongst the other SUs. If you asked anyone who’s ever ran in an election they would tell what an amazing experience it is, whether you win or lose. This is a great chance if you either want to take the next level in getting involved in your SU or want to shakes things up because you want to see change in your Students’ Union and the University.

If you are interested and considering running for election for any of the above positions, you can contact any of the current officers or drop into your local Students’ Union office for further details. There is a campaign information evening on Wednesday 6th March @ 6pm. Check our Facebook for further details.

Are you interested in running? Nominations are open until Monday, 11th March, you can find all the information you need to know about putting yourself forward here.

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