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The TU Dublin SU Elections were due to take place at the end of March but were postponed as a result of COVID 19 and Government decision to close creches, schools and colleges. When the Electoral Commission; the independent committee which oversees the elections in the Union were reviewing this, it was looking more likely that students would not return to campus before the end of the academic year to run the same form of elections.

The Electoral Commission made the decision to move the elections online with the use of the MSL platform which supports our website. MSL manage websites for other Students Unions’ in Ireland and the UK, including running elections most recently in UL and UCD.

The candidates for the election were finalised in early March before the shutdown with all but one position without a nominee. The candidates began campaigning last week when the elections restarted to prepare for voting this week – 6th, 7th and 8th May.

The following our the candidates students you can vote for and you can read their manifesto by clicking their name.

Overall President 


Rebecca Gorman                                        Amy Keatinge

Blanchardstown Campus – Full Time Positions


Deputy President – Luke Daly       VP Welfare & Equality – Pádraic Keane

Blanchardstown Campus – Part Time Positions


Clubs & Socs Officer – Enzo Corsini       Clubs & Socs Officer – Eoin Dowling


Entertainments Officer – Ellen McLoughlin     Entertainments Officer – Christian Sutton

City Campus – Full Time Positions


Deputy President – Moya Browne      VP Education- Hamza Jamaa


VP Welfare & Equality – Fionn Collins      VP Events & Engagement – Mark O’Donnell

Tallaght Campus – Full Time Positions


Deputy President – Lee Bennett  VP Education – Seán Farrelly   VP Welfare & Equality – Lesley Barrett

Tallaght Campus – Part Time Positions


Clubs Officer – Sophie Doolan        Clubs Officer – Trisha Rafter


Comms Officer – Áine Kane  Socs Officer – Dylan Quigley    Ents Officer – Eoin Carey

College Officer & Postgraduate Officer

The election for College Officer and Postgraduate Officer have been deferred until the new Academic Year as it is not possible with the single sign-on being used in this election to facilitate the election of those positions. The College Officer roles were amended in the referendum in February due to move to Grangegorman in 2020. The only position in which nominations will reopen is for the Aungier & St Bimm College Officer which has no nominees while the other positions have nominees and some are highly contested!

How do I vote?

Voting will open from 8am on Wednesday 6th May and close at 12pm on Friday 8th May. All students will receive an email and all is done through simple steps on tudublinsu.ie. All you’ll need to do is login with your student number and password and the system will checked that you’re registered and then take you to where you can vote for the relevant position depending on the campus you’re in – Blanchardstown, City or Tallaght.

Why should I vote?

The most important thing you could do in college, besides passing your exams and getting a degree – voting in the Students’ Union elections! This is your opportunity to participate in the biggest form of democracy to elect the officers that will represent you. It’s particular important in the midst of this crisis and with the fallout from it for next months ahead that you need to have the student voice represented and ensure your safety and learning experience considered and listened by the University.

This is the first online election for the Union and is the biggest so far for any students as since we are the largest in the country – all 28,500 students of TU Dublin can vote online in a matter of minutes. There’s no excuses now since you don’t have to be in college on the day of voting, or you forgot your student card! That’s no longer necessary and is now simple and easier to vote.

Use Your Voice on 6th, 7th and 8th May!

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