Referendum 2020: Vote Yes


There’s another Referendum? So why VOTE YES

We will be holding a referendum on 19th and 20th February to ask the student body to approve the amendments to the TU Dublin Students’ Union Constitution. This is another significant moment in the history of this new Students’ Union and your elected officers are asking you to VOTE YES!

We had a referendum on this Constitution before?

Yes, this time last year, the three former Students’ Unions of DIT, IT Tallaght and IT Blanchardstown ran a referendum to establish a new Students’ Union for TU Dublin as we had just been designated a Technological University on 1st January 2019. The referendum passed by a resounding margin of over 95% across the three campuses and TU Dublin Students’ Union came into effect on 1st July 2019.

However, we needed to hold another referendum this year as major changes are taking place that affects all students and the Students’ Union. This referendum is asking students to accept the changes to the Constitution to ensure the Union is up to date, represent and provides services to all students of TU Dublin; more in practice than just principle.

What are the changes proposed?

The major change that affects everyone, and in particular students in Tallaght and Blanchardstown campus, is that the Students’ Union will establish a company called TU Dublin SU CLG. Such a company already exists on the City Campus but it is still called DITSU CLG as it only provides services and supports the students and officers on the City Campus. 

The proposed changes will restructure it and make it managed by TU Dublin SU for the benefit of all students. This means regardless of which campus you study in, you will receive the same support when you drop into your Students’ Union office, campaigns and events will be more streamlined and accessible to all and more services provided such as leap card.

The other major benefit of this company is that it will make the Students’ Union more autonomous and allow it to run and manage its own affairs after receiving funding from the University as part of the Contribution Charge you pay. The Board of Directors will be made up of a majority of students and elected officers, so this isn’t a company separate to the Union but a core part of the the Union and that’s why it’s in the Constitution.

The College Officer positions are changing, why?

It is finally happening, 10,000 students from Kevin St, Cathal Brugha St and Rathmines are moving to Grangegorman in September 2020! This means those buildings soon will no longer exist and no College Officer positions for those campuses. 

The new College Officer positions are: Aungier St & Bimm, Bolton St, Grangegorman East and Grangegorman Central. Bimm is a private institute with students that are also students of TU Dublin and therefore members of the Union. The East and Central Quad will have a College Officer each. The roles will continue to be part-time, paid and a role description provided as will be all explained in the elections in March.

Why is it important to vote YES

There are other amendments to the Constitution which can be found on and will be displayed at the polling stations when you vote. However, the above two are major changes that need to be adopted in this referendum so that the Students’ Union can function effectively for you!

TU Dublin is only 1 year in existence and the Students’ Union is only 8 months old, and inbetween that, there are changes happening that are impacting you. We are one Students’ Union and one University, so this referendum will begin to make that a reality for all students.

On 19th and 20th February, your elected officers are urging you to take a minute and VOTE YES in the referendum to amend the Constitution so that your Union can be BETTER,  STRONGER and more INDEPENDENT.

For neutral information on this Referendum, please visit our sister site

I’ve never voted before, how do I do it?

Where Do I Vote? 

Aungier Street          Opposite the Coffee Dock           10am to 8pm
Bolton Street            Stage Area                                10am to 8pm
Linenhall                  Foyer                                        12pm to 2pm
Cathal Brugha St      Foyer at Marlborough Entrance    10am to 8pm
Grangegorman         Rathdown House (Wed)               10am to 8pm
Grangegorman         North House (Thurs)                   10am to 8pm
Kevin Street             Annex foyer                               10am to 8pm
Rathmines               Main Foyer                                 10am to 6pm
BIMM                      Francis Street Foyer                    10am to 6pm
Blanchardstown       C Block – The Hub                       10am – 8pm
Tallaght                  Main Foyer                                  10am – 8pm
Tallaght                  Premier House                             10am – 2pm

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