How to FLEX: a beginners guide to streetwear


Now, you may be asking yourself “why would I want to know how to get into this sort of thing?”. Well to be honest with you… there’s not really a whole lot going on, so I thought I’d talk about something that I have an interest in. Now before I get started, please know that, in reality, that this won’t make you the ‘talk of the town’ or the ‘bees bleedin knees’. But what this might help you do is get into it.

I know myself when I first started off with streetwear that I did not have a clue at all about how to “cop the Yeezy 700 ‘Wave’ Runners” (btw, cop is the cool lingo you use to say ‘purchase’ or ‘get’). Anytime as well that I would look online how to do it, I would always be met with some video of a nasally, over the top yank that would be talking in an accent that he absolutely would not use talk to his grandmother. So, for you today, I’m going to help you get started on how to get into streetwear.

Where to Look

There are quite a few places that you can look at that you can find the style that you want. People would typically look at the likes of eBay. Now eBay can be very good for finding exactly what you want but there is no guarantee that what you’re paying for is what you’re getting. Unfortunately, and I know this might come to a shock to you, but people will sell you fakes. “GASP” you will say but it’s true. It happens. Not to fear though, because there are plenty more websites and apps that you can use.

Sole Supplier is a great website that shows you exactly where you can purchase that pair of shoes that you’ve been looking for. Not only that but it also shows you the latest releases, what is set to release, news on what’s going on in the world of shoes and articles that are a fun quick read.

Visit Sole Supplier  to see more.

My go to site that I always use is Bump. Just think of eBay, but safer. Bump is a great site to use because it gives you the guarantee that if you’re sold fake clothes then you can get your money back. This gives peace of mind that when you’re buying that 99% of the time that you’re safe and that the items are real. Also, Bump has a messaging app that you can ask the seller questions like “Have you worn these before?” or “Is this your final price?”. Most sellers put up the price that they want but everyone has a price so make like a limbo competition and see how low they can go.

Visit Bump to see more.

They’re just two examples of where to look but some of my favourite pages to follow are:

@highsnobietysneakers – News on latest releases/articles

@sneakerfreaker – News on latest releases/articles

@43einhalb – German shop with hard to find runners

@overkillshop – German shop with hard to find runners

@st.streetsneakers – Store in basement of Tola Vintage in Temple Bar, reseller of streetwear

@fenom – French shop with online articles/rare shoes

StockX – A catalogue of everything, giving you live prices of what items are selling for.

The Value of Money

A lot of the time with streetwear, the first thing you always hear from people is “I could’ve bought a holiday for that price”. I suppose the value of money is subjective. For myself, I think spending loads of money for a three-day trip is a but much. Yeah, there’s memories alright but I don’t see the value for money. Also, just spend the money on a trip to Galway, top spot. But the point is, if you feel something is worth it, and you have some extra money to spend on yourself then why not. You’re the best person you know, so surely you should treat yourself for getting good grades etc.

You’ll be Smilin’ while you’re Stylin’

Now, everybody has their own style. Most of these pages are linked to an overall streetwear magazine type website. So with that in mind, have a look, take notes and see what vibes with you. Make sure that you’re comfortable with what you’re wearing too and if you see a style on somebody that you like, then don’t be afraid to try it yourself. There is nothing wrong with copying someone.

And on a final note, remember, expensive does not mean good. Don’t be like Icarus and fly too close to the sun, or in this case don’t flex too close to the sun because you’ll crash and burn and look like a hypebeast! Gross! You’ll seriously be going around like an F1 driver if you have too many brands. Make sure that you have a ‘centre piece’ and dress around it. Have a nice top? Just go casual with the trousers, shoes and jacket. Have some fresh runners that you wanna show off? Stick to monotone or complementary colours. Re-inventing the streetwear is not something that you have to do everyday. If it looks well then it can go a long way!

Barry would sell his granny for a pair of swanky trainers
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