Review of Love is Blind But I Haven’t Seen It And Just Have Episode 2 Retold To Me By Someone Who Just Had a Tooth Extraction


Sinead had a tooth extraction and after rang me on Face-time so we could video chat for a while. She was watching an episode of Love is Blind and I wanted to know what was happening so I got a play by play of the episode.

I couldn’t see the screen but did look up the people after so I could decide how acute her observations are. I also didn’t get the episode from the start but here we are.

Jessica with 2 guys, not really sure which one is which…

The episode starts with Jessica being upset while talking to Mark about another guy Barnette. This really sets the scene for me, everyone seems quite high maintenance.

Throughout the episode I find out that they have 4 weeks to get married once proposed to or once the show starts I’m still unsure. Everyone has vague descriptions about them that pop up on screen. They just include their name age and job.


Eg. Kenny – 27 In sales

Mark –  24 and Plays Guitar

I obviously decided to make one for Sinead…

Sinead – 24 Best Dressed Lesbian in Ireland/LSAD SU Pres/Gobshite

The men in this seem fake deep half the time and I don’t like this. I had to imagine what the people in this looked like but got multiple vague descriptions from Sinead. Like, They’re all good looking-ish but kinda freaks. The guys all look like they could play GAA and most of the girls are blonde.

The show premise is fun and interesting its very bubblegum tv and feels so ridiculous that you just want to watch it. It seems like a show that half watch the first few episodes but then just want to finish it because it juicy AF. A lot happens per episode and that great for my short attention span.

Sinead’s mouth bled through this whole thing, I Drank Iced CoffeeTM  and scrolled through Insta. We both agree that Gianna is the hottest and too good for this show. I don’t know if there are winners or losers in this show but if there are I’m rooting for Gianna.

To sum this whole experience up, I now want to hear more recounting of Love Is Blind. Have you watched it? Or I might even watch it myself!



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