RAG 2020 Line Up


So RAG 2020 is nearly upon us. All money raised for these events will be going to charity. Here is what you can expect to take place!

Monday: Rave 4 RAG

Kicking things off, we will be in ‘Underground’ at 8pm! Imagine having a boogie that early? Not only that, but we will be listening to some of Ireland’s up and coming DJs. Think you’ll miss class the next morning? Don’t worry about it! With us starting at 8, you’ll have enough time to have a bop and get home to get your full 6 hours sleep for the next day (6 hours in this day and age is a gift). Get your RAVE 4 RAG Tickets Here.

Tuesday: Nando’s Student Lock Inn

What better way to raise money for charity than to eat chicken. For one night only, Nando’s on St.Andrew St. will be allowing us to take over their restaurant for a night of tunes, drinks, craic and, most importantly, food! On the music will be our DJ Soc, who will be playing providing good vibes all night. The event sold out in 5 minutes last time this event was done. Make sure to join us on the night so that you can not only chow down but get down. Tickets will be available through eventbrite so make sure that you get it before it’s gone. Get your Nando’s Tickets Here.

Wednesday: Rock 4 RAG

Getting you through the midweek, we will be taking over Workmans. We are very proud to be hosting some of our very own on the night that are definitely ones to watch for the future. The line-up on the night will be Audible Chocolate, CASA, Tadgh and Viscose. You can read more about the bands in this article.

Audible Chocolate are a three piece funk ensemble with taking inspiration from Ireland’s youth and motown inspired melodies, they’ll be sure to funk it up. 

CASA, brings a refreshing approach to singer songwriter’s indie rock with funk inspired bass lines and guitar riffs and a very energetic live show. 

Tadhg is a Dublin based indie musician. His musical influences include Lady Gaga, David Bowie and many more, with his performance style originating from Drag culture and Rock bands such as Otherkin and Queen.

Viscose is an up and coming electronic pop artist. Stemming from tones of Gaga, Kylie Minogue and Rationale, Viscose’s sound is danceable and full of groove.

Get your Tickets for Rock 4 RAG here.

Thursday: Pub Quiz

A week of fundraising would not be complete without a table quiz. Make sure to put on your thinking caps because there will be prizes to be won. With a multitude of rounds, including topics such as general knowledge, countries, history, sport, music, film and many many more, there is plenty of opportunity for you and your team to go for glory. Just remember, not only to the victor go the spoils but also to those with the most creative names and spot prizes on the night. Get your Tickets for the RAG Pub Quiz Here.

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