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TU Dublin SU City Campus are proud to bring your Freshers Fortnight! With over two weeks of events and fun, here is your guide of what’s going down.

Remember get your tickets NOW, because these events sell out EVERY YEAR.

Freshers Crawl

Last years Trolley Crawl…without the trolley

The freshers crawl is a staple event on the calendar. You’ll be making you way around the, bopping along to some whopper tunes making stops off in Boco, Woolshed, Workmans Club, Doyles Pub and then ending the night in the Academy. BuT tHe AcAdEmY dOeSn’T oPeN oN a MoNdAY. Well would you believe that Academy has got in contact with us because they wanted you the students to be there on opening of their new night? Well you better believe it, cause that’s what’s happening. There will be drinks deals on the night so there no need to worry of breaking the bank. There’s also a drinks voucher on arrival to Boco and free in t academy.  Btw, we’re bringing a shopping trolley and putting a massive speaker in to it.


Bingo Loco

DITSU Bingo Loco 2018

We’ve said it once, but we will say it again, we all know bingo is something that grandmothers do in the regular bingo hall, but this isn’t your Granny’s bingo. Taking place in Tramline, Bingo Loco offers its own unique night of fun and games. This can include a wide variety to dance offs to downing a drink on stage. But it isn’t only a night of fun, as you will be playing for prizes. You will find out the prizes on the night but don’t be surprised if you win tickets to be whisked away to a land far away!


Drink Tea and Draw

its more exciting than this photo would lead you to believe

Something on the lil more wholesome side of things, Drink Tea and Draw offers you the chance to bring home your very own work of art. Dawn your beret but don’t worry about bringing your own gear, it will be all be provided for you on the night. Expect some funky tunes, free tea and get ready for an art class you’ve never taken before(does not count to your degree). This will all be taking place in the Aungier street courtyard so make sure to make your way down. In the words of the great Bob Ross, paint some “happy little clouds” and ‘happy little trees. Just remember “we don’t make mistakes; we just make happy accidents”.


Freshers Ball

Sarah Mooney, Laoise , JyellowL and Chasing Abbey. All in one night. This is it. The main event. The big bang. The crescendo. The whatever else you call something that’s the biggest event on the calendar. Now it’s often though the Freshers Ball is a black-tie event. This isn’t one to whip out the ol’ debs suit or dress (unless you want to, I’ll give a fiver to anyone who does). Make sure to dust off your shoes, get your ma to iron your best neon top and get ready to have the time of your college life. You only get to experience your Freshers Ball once… except you’re someone who just wants a night out. All are welcome. In one of Dublin’s premiere clubs, the Academy will be able to boast a capacity of over a thousand TU Dublin students. This event isn’t just for City Campus however. Blanchardstown and Tallaght will join to make it a night to remember.

… and that’s your Freshers Fortnight folks. “Where can I buy tickets though? Who’s playing the Freshers Ball?” I hear you cry. Well good news! You can find this information and more on the TU Dublin Su News Facebook page! Click the link and like the Facebook page to keep up to date on everything that is Freshers Fortnight.


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