Top 10 Drag Artists in Dublin

Sophia Harte
As part of ❤️ SHAG Week 2020 ❤️(coming up on 10th Feb) we’re holding our SECOND ANNUAL DRAG RACE , which will be an amazing night of fun, glamour, humour, dancing and, of course, a bit of shade ???
Whether you want to buy a ticket (for only €6 – WHAT??) or apply to be a performer, be sure to get invovled with this fab fun event.


In no particular order…

Sophia Harte

Sophia Harte, usually found in The George on a Thursday or as they call it ‘Thirsty Thursday’. Sophia Harte and Mizza are recurring queens on Davina Devine’s week day madness drag show at The George. She is known for her backflips, tumbles and shortness but that never stops her. This queen puts on a fierce show every week and always impresses us. She impressed us so much we asked her to be our MC at our DITSU Drag race on February 13th in Workman’s.

Victoria Secret

Victoria Secret is a queen that’s definitely been around the block. By that I mean she’s travelled far around the world on tour with a lot of famous queens. She’s the #DraggedUp up rep meaning she’s always with some famous queens who have been on RuPaul’s Drag Race and touring with them. So, she always has a lot of secrets about tour dates/night out. She’s one to watch out for!

Panti Bliss

Panti Bliss is one of Ireland’s most known Queens. She’s known for her activism in the LGBT+ community and she owns PantiBar on Capel Street in Dublin. She also opened PantiBar’s sister pub across the road called ‘Penny Lane’. Panti has been on many TV Shows, Radio Stations and is always commended for her work. Pant regularly appears in her bar in and out of drag. She has also been on tour with ‘Riot’, a brilliant variety show that has been held in Vicar Street and worldwide.

Pixie Woo

Pixie Woo is known for her wild weekend nights in Street 66 or what it used to be known as ‘The Front Lounge’. Pixie DJ’s and also entertains the crowd. She plays classic 80’s/90’s bops with all the LGBT+ anthems. Many times she’s been seen to have stage dived and danced on tables.

Miss Bunny O’Hare

She can be found on Saturday’s with Panti Liners at Panti Bar or in The George with Phil T Gorgeous on a Monday night. Her lip syncs are almost as amazing as she is. This is a queen that’s not to be missed.

Dolly Grip

Dolly has been on the scene for a while. She’s respected in the Drag industry and does many shows. Dolly this year did the New Year’s Drag show and has recurring places and shows a face on some Thursday and Sunday nights.


Mizza can be seen in The George every ‘Thirsty Thursday’. She is a recurring queen on Davine’s show night. She’s hilarious and a brilliant lip sync assassin. She’s known for her hilarious comedic routines and is a queen not to be missed on a Thursday! She also appears with Phil T Gorgeous sometimes on a Monday or Tuesday night.

Veda Lady

Veda Lady is the host of ‘Witchy Wednesday’ at The George. She is known for having new and upcoming Drag Artists on her Wednesday shows. She is a lip sync queen and is one not to be missed!

Davina Devine

Davina Devine is known for her big boots, big hair and big personality! She hosts Thirsty Thursday’s in the George and is often seen floating around after at the bar. She has a large following on Instagram and there’s some posts on there you wouldn’t want to miss. This queen is hilarious and always wants the audience to engage at her shows and ‘do a high kick/tumble’. If you’re looking for a good night out after getting paid on a Thursday 11.30pm at the George is the place to be!

Phil T Gorgeous

Phil T Gorgeous is one of the only Drag Kings that has been around for a while. His lip syncs are amazing and you’ll always find him in The George on a Monday with Miss Bunny O’Hare. He puts on a killer show and his energy is infectious! He is a good representation of Drag Kings and there needs to be more Kings like him on the scene.

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