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We have reached that time of year again, when exams are looming, assignments are flowing in a never-ending stream and the stress levels are rising. We have one saviour though: READING WEEK *imagine a halo surrounding those two words because they are seriously a gift from god! *

Although it can be difficult to manage the catch-up load for all modules, with the right techniques it can most definitely be done. I am living proof of this and I promise that with the tips I’m about to give you, you’ll get through your exam in flying colours!!

Exam Questions, Exam Questions and more Exam Questions!!!!

From leaving certificate it was drilled into us that notes copies must be learned and that all the information contained in each copy was essential to passing BUT, what if I were to tell you that this is just not true? Would you doubt me?

Let me say one thing, notes copies are important! They keep us focused and with a goal in mind but sometimes the practicalities of creating these journals are just not there. Perhaps the notes are readily available online already (as we know lecturers, some not all, read directly from those slides with no add ins) or the content seems like common sense but whatever the reason, we don’t need to have the notes written down.

For these modules’ exam papers are key! They act as an aid to support the information we are absorbing, and they also give us a head up as to what to expect in those dreaded Christmas or Summer exams. Being able to understand how to structure questions with the content you know is the main thing you need to succeed!

P.S. I promise that once you start looking through all of the past papers all your dreams will be answered because…. The same questions appear almost every year!

If you can answer all the past questions, then you will have absolutely no problems getting all honors marks in the looming set of exams.

Scrap writing endless notes

I know this links in with my first point but if you didn’t write the notes when the lectures were happening then the chances that you will write notes for every module and every lecture by the end of reading week are slim. This isn’t something to be concerned about though! There are many ways to skin an orange!

The endless notes writing will consume so much time and, in the end, you’ll find that for the exams you won’t need even half of that information so just take a breath and re-analyse. Use your time wisely and efficiently in order to gain the most ground on the content of your modules!

Ask Questions

It can be intimidating approaching lecturers one on one after lectures especially when you feel that time was given to ask questions but never let fear deter you from seeking the knowledge you want to know!

You will most likely find that the information will be given to you immediately and with a great explanation! The same thing applies over reading week! An email is a great form of communication, its formal or informal but the message goes across every time and answers are returned. Honesty this can be better sometimes too because the information/explanation is written down so there is no confusion.

If the information you want to know isn’t available on hand, most lecturers will send it on later after they themselves have researched the topic! This is their field of specialty, they want to learn more and be challenged!

Plus, lecturers are always happy to see that students are taking interest in the subject they are teaching! It shows them that the way they are teaching is effective and that people want to know more. It’s a compliment!

P.S. if they don’t reply the first time try again! Remember the saying ‘If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again’

Mind Yourself

In the panic of exam season health tends to take a back seat but don’t let this happen this year! Use reading week as a time to feed your body with the sleep that 9am lectures have deprived you of and of course remember nutrition too!

Your body is a Temple!

It’s important to remember that when your body is deprived of what it needs, it most definitely won’t function at full capacity! This will affect exams as you just won’t be able to retain the information needed and I know that none of want that to happen!

Stress is a killer during exam season too so take this week so go out! Enjoy some time with friends and loved ones! College is important but health and well being should take front priority

P.S. nightclubs do some great deals during reading week so get the squad together for the sesh of all seshes before the exams are upon us…

If you can follow any of these tips during this coming reading week I promise you the stress of exam season will be reduced by half! Remember though sometimes life gets in the way of even the best of intentions i.e. studying so go easy on yourself if this does happen, just be okay in knowing that you still have the essential tools needed to do well this year!!

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