Its Exam Time -The DOs & DONTs


Check your exam timetable! Make sure you know when and where your exams are on and plan to be there early.  If you are late you can only be admitted within 30 mins of the start. In exceptional circumstances and provided that no other students sitting the same paper has left the exam you may be admitted later, this is at the discretion of the Exams Officer. In this instance, you won’t be allowed any extra time.

Make sure you have your student card to enter the exam hall. Passport and Age Card is also accepted.

Make sure you sign the Attendance Form when requested by the Invigilator, and leave your Student ID Card in a visible position on your desk

Don’t bring notes or any other prohibited material to the exam hall – it’s unfair and a serious breach of the Regulations and if you’re caught you could get thrown out of college. 

Don’t have your mobile phone or any other electronic devices e.g. smart watches on your person while in the exam hall. Follow the instructions from the Invigilator about placing your phone (switched off) face down on the floor. Failure to do so can land you in trouble as the General Assessment Regulations are very specific about this. Saying you didn’t know is never accepted as an excuse.

If your exam requires a calculator, make sure it’s from the approved list from the Exams Office. Make sure to bring a plenty of pens with you

If you think you have been given the wrong exam paper it is important that you notify the Invigilator immediately so that this can be rectified. If this causes a delay you will be given the same amount of time at the end to make up for it.

The Regulations state that you are not allowed to leave in the first half an hour of an exam, so if even if you think you haven’t a hope, take that time to read the questions a few times and you might get inspired and be able to complete the paper.  

Do not put your name on your answer book(s) but ensure your exam number is on all the books you use. Make sure you follow the instructions printed on the exam paper and on the answer book.

Any ‘rough work’ should be included in the answer book and identified as such.

Make sure you are seated where you can view a clock if you’re not allocated a specific seat or otherwise have a watch so you can keep track of time.

You are not allowed to leave the hall within the final half an hour of the exam, so if you finish early you should use that time wisely by reading through your answers and making any final corrections.

You are not allowed to remove an answer book from the Exam Hall.

You can find all the rules and regulations about exams on the TU Dublin website.

If you need any advice or support, pop into any Students’ Union Office to chat with one of our Student Advisors or email The very best of luck in all your exams! You Got This!

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