Tenant Rights


You’ve found accommodation in Dublin and now you’re wondering what your rights. It is important to note that in digs this is a licence arrangement and the normal landlord and tenant laws do not apply only what is agreed between the parties.

What are my obligations as a tenant?

  • Pay rent on time
  • Pay other charges that are not specified in the letting agreement (Bins, Gas, etc.)
  • Keep property in good order
  • Inform the landlord if repairs are needed
  • Give the landlord access for routine inspections (by appointment)
  • Inform the landlord of who is living in the property

What are my landlords obliged to do?

  • Provide a rent book
  • Repair and maintain the structure of the property
  • Reimburse tenants for any repairs they carry out which are your responsibility
  • Ensure the tenant knows how to contact you
  • Give the tenants 28’ days’ notice of a rent review or termination
  • Provide tenants with a valid and written notice of terminations

Threshold are a registered charity whose goal is to secure a right to housing.

They offer advice in the areas of

  1. Seeking Private rented accommodation
  2. Dealing with problems during your tenancy
  3. How to end a tenancy

For support from DITSU please drop into any of our Student Advisor Offices or contact us by email: helpdesk@ditsu.ie.

And…welcome to Dublin!

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