Welfare Semester 1


I really enjoyed being your representative for welfare this semester, with so many exciting things going on, I was kept extremely busy and on my toes! There was lots going on, many highlights and challenges which I’ll tell you a bit more about.

The Highlights

  1. Cathal Brugha Street Sit in protest.
    After two years of delays, we finally got the refurbishment of the Cathal Brugha Street SU complete after we had a number of students participate in sit in protest.
New furniture!

2. Student Health Centre
There was issues with administrative staff in the student health centre which was going to affect the opening hours for students. DITSU raised this at governing body meeting and an interim solution was found that allowed the health centre to open to it’s regular hours, just in time for students coming back to college in September!

3. Sustainability working group and engagement
A sustainability working group was set up at the very end of last semester which we are still looking for students to sign up to, so keep an eye out on our social media channels. We’ve been seeing more students wanting to get engaged and involved in making TU Dublin more sustainable.


4. Microwaves
We made some progress getting microwaves on campuses for students, but it has turned out to be a much trickier problem to solve so we’re still working on it.

5. Consent
We showed a consent video at all our orientations in September and are currently working with the TU to implement consent classes across orientations this September.


With every success there’s some challenges. ..

1.Time management
Getting a diary and planning out my week has been a challenge at times this year. There’s just not enough days in the week sometimes!

2. My Hobbies
It was difficult at times to keep up my team sports and hobbies during the week but I started to plan my weeks and schedule my hobbies into my diary on a weekly basis that helped a lot!

3. Communication to students
This is a challenge every year, there’s 20,000+ students and we’re so many different projects and attending so many meetings on a daily basis, it can be really hard telling students about it. There are so many social media outlets that we use, it can get a bit hectic and we definitely drop the ball a few times and forget to tell students about what we’re actually doing or working!

Thinking of running for Welfare officer?

The position as a full time representative for students is one of the most fun, different and challenging experiences i’ve had so far in my life. I’ve improved my public speaking and communication skills so much, the role has made me so much more confident as well.

Some things to know about the role if you’re thinking of running for the position:

· Organisation is key
· You get to manage your own time which is great
· You meet so many other like minded people and friends, from other SU’s and USI
· You will be working by yourself and in a team so it’s a great mix!

Having a passion for welfare related areas is crucial

Email welfare@ditsu.ie for more information about the position.

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