How to Survive the First Week in College


From Orientation to the first night out, here’s a rundown of what to expect when starting college.

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Usually, your first day at college will be Orientation, where you are paraded around your new campus with the Course Head or a Lecturer, with a group of people that you don’t know but will spend the next four years with.

Get to college early on the day. Give yourself an extra ten minutes in case you get lost. Don’t be afriad to ask the Porters at the front desk , these guys will be your best friends for the next couple of years.

The tour around college will be fairly standard: here is the library, the printers, the canteen etc. Be prepared to be get lost the second you’re on your own. Again, turn to those trusty porters, if you need help.

Try and talk to everybody. You’re all in the same boat, no one knows anyone and you all feel awkward, remember that. Invite some of your new coursemates to grab a coffee when you’re on lunch break. Get the awkward introductions out of the way.

The proper first day of college will feel a lot easier. Lecturers understand that you need an adjustment period and the work in the first few weeks is pretty light. Even if some lecturers pile on the work and you still have no idea how to do an assignment, try not to procrastinate all semester. Try to get some of the work started early and work on it gradually, so you’re not rushing to reach deadlines.

When the time comes that someone from the course suggests going out as a group, go for it. For those first few nights out early on, take it easy. You’re still in a big city and it can be dangerous if it’s new to you. Plan your way home, make sure you have taxi fare and that you have your new friends’ numbers or Facebook. Don’t get too drunk- a very easy mistake to make on the first group night out. Obviously, have fun but don’t take yourself to your limit. Wait until you’ve found a solid friend group to let loose. Keep the Fear at bay.

Most films and tv shows make college out to be a constant party, which it can be – while working on an assignment for three hours, fueled only by red bull and crisps, doesn’t really make for good tv. College is a really new experience, be prepared for some culture shock and take it easy.

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