DITSU Training at the DRCC


Your DITSU full-time officers and DITSU staff went to a training session facilitated by the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre (DRCC). The workshop was called “Offering Support in the Aftermath of Rape and Sexual Assault”.

We covered loads of topics in the 6 hours of the course including:

  • The attitudes and beliefs in our society about rape and sexual assault.
  • The trauma people can go through when they are assaulted.
  • The legal process of reporting a sexual offence to the Gardaí.
  • How we can support victims of sexual violence and assault in our roles.

According to the 2002 SAVI Report, over 2 in 5 women and 1 in 4 men experience some form of sexual abuse or assault in their lifetime. This was why we thought it was important that we went to the training.

Me, Pierre, Jess & Roisin on completion of the course

We were so happy to attend the workshop and get more information to help us to support our students. Roisin, your Welfare officer will be running campaigns about your sexual health throughout the year. Email her on welfare@ditsu.ie to find out more!

We are proud to support the DRCC as our RAG Charity for this year 2018/19.

If you were distressed by the content of this article, please contact the national 24 hour Rape Crisis Centre Helpline on 1800 778888

Contact your DISTU Student Advisors if you require any further support, at helpdesk@ditsu.ie

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