What’s a School Rep and what’s in it for me?


So what is a School Representative, you say? School Reps are the direct link and voice of the Class Reps within their School and each DIT School has a School Rep with a total of 24 Schools across the four colleges in DIT.  

I got myself firstly involved in the Students’ Union as School Rep for Languages, Law and Social Sciences. This gave me a great opportunity to better understand what the Union does and how I could effect change for students through the Student Council. Fundamentally, it helped me grow in confidence; to now say that it was the catalyst that led me to run for other positions and why I am now President-elect for next year!

Therefore, here’s what the role is about and what could be in it for you:

Be the Voice

Being a School Rep means that you’re the representative of all Class Reps within your School. You will be their voice in raising issues on their behalf with their School and with the Union. The support you give them and with the help of the elected officers, we can handle any issues that affect students.

“I wanted to improve this role when I ran for School Rep in third year, and I wanted to be more involved with the Union and help resolve issues in my School as well. Essentially I wanted to make a difference for my peers, I did make a difference and I hope those that follow me do too” – Robert Nolan, School Rep for Mechanical and Design Engineering


As a School Rep you’re automatically on Student Council; the highest democratic body of your Students’ Union. This is where a lot of issues are raised and discussed and in turn develop Union policy and inform our stance on a broad range of issues that affect DIT students. This is the prime opportunity as a Rep to turn the issues faced in your School into actions by introducing motions that mandates the elected officers to act upon it. In addition to that, you hold the officers to account on the work they’re doing and feed that back to your Class Reps so that they’re aware of what the Union is doing for them.

Work as part of a Team

As School Rep you work closely alongside the College Officer on your site to elect Class Reps and build that connection and communication network with the Class Reps in your School. You also work with the Vice President for Education and may get the opportunity to sit with them on the many boards and committees within DIT. You can then assist in lobbying and making the college experience better for all students.

“I met amazing people who were under my School, we had great training and deep understanding of the role. When you get into the role you would think that you don’t do anything but being in Student Council and being there for Class Reps under your School; you’re representing hundreds of students. I would highly advise you to run for this role and to be part of this journey” – Gintare Sakinyte, School Rep for Retail & Service Management

Get Amazing Training

We organise great training for School Reps each semester that is not only hugely beneficial to the role but will also enhance skills that you can use in your future career. These include communication, time management, negotiation and public speaking skills. Furthermore, other events and activities are organised in order to socialize with other School Reps and Class Reps, so a great way to make friends!

This year’s elections will be all done electronically! Nominations are now open until Friday 13th at 5pm. Details on how to submit it, along with a short manifesto and picture for ballot paper can be found in the following

link: https://www.ditsu.ie/news/article/6013/School-Rep-Elections/

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