OFFSET 2018 : Ireland’s Media & Design Conference


If you are not  familiar with OFFSET, it is a conference for creatives varying from a variety of backgrounds- design, arts and film, taking place over the space of 3 days at the Bord Gais Energy theatre in March.

This was my first time at OFFSET and it was quite the experience. It was overwhelming but also strangely comforting to see so many people in one place, who all had similar interests/worked in similar fields to me. The atmosphere was beaming, with people getting together in the Advance Risograph Printing workshop, all there to learn something new, or networking through friends, meeting new people. Several different stalls were set up, each with the aim of bringing awareness to their own businesses. One of these was the Waterford Walls, from which DIT had featured a speaker during the TedX event late 2017!

Over the next 3 days, and 2 different stages, OFFSET featured a variety of speakers, interviews and panel discussions around artists’ personal projects, creating your own success as an illustrator, storytelling in game design, a discussion with Chris Ware amongst lots of others.

OFFSET also ran a number of events leading up to the conference, under the name of OFFSITE. In various locations, different types of workshops and discussions took place. From tips on how to get hired as an illustrator, and what it’s like to be an illustrator, to introducing beginners to risograph printing (something unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, to be honest). It also features the popular event OFFSKETCH where you had the chance to go around Dublin City and sketch with other likeminded people. The event was lead by illustrators Steve Doogan and Steve Simpson.

If you’ve never been before and you’re involved in any of these backgrounds (or would like to be), I would highly recommend it. Not only do you get to attend some thought-provoking thoughts, I also found that even artists presenting and talking about their own work, really fueled inspiration and motivation in my own head.

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