USI Congress 2019 | Day 4

Photo Credit: Irene Valen De Oliveira, SMC.
The fourth day of Congress is always the shortest, as Congress begins at 10am and officially closes at 2pm. That, however, does not mean that there’s nothing left to talk about. Although it does mean this will be the shortest article about it…
It began with emergency motions, which you can actually find alone on USI’s website. They are usually much longer and less refined as, as the name of the session suggests, they were added as emergencies. Delegates had until Wednesday to submit any such motions. 5 of these motions were submitted, all 5 motions were passed. These motions were around the new law regarding homosexuals in Brunei, which was proposed and supported by TUDSU, a USI strategy paper on the British exit from the European union, decolonising education and taking action on climate change. The Brunei motion saw many delegates speaking for the motion going up to the stage and proudly stating “I am [NAME] and I won’t stand for my queer family being killed”. In case you’re wondering, there was no one opposing that motion.
Then it was on to undiscussed motions, of which there were still 50 left in total. 20 of these undiscussed from the previous days and 30 of those due to expire. This day was also full of 9As but that was due to the sheer volume of motions still left to get through. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t believe Congress managed to get through all of the remaining motions therefore there were those that were left fallen, which automatically means they have expired/not been entered into the 2019 Congress Constitution.
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