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I’m Jess Morris and I am the current College Officer for Cathal Brugha Street. This is my second term as a part time officer so don’t bother asking me if I love the job, there’s your answer! ??

First off, let’s talk about what a College Officer is and what they do as a part of DIT Students’ Union. A College Officer is a part time Officer who is a part of the Executive Team, who is made up of the President, the Vice Presidents for Education, Events & Welfare, the Post Grad Officer and the College Officers from the other DIT sites. A College Officer’s main role to facilitate democracy on their site and to represent the students. This type of stuff is generally electing your Class Reps, chairing meetings and answering to Student Council! ?

Although the democracy side of the job is your main priority and role, there is also a bunch of fun stuff that is involved in being a CO too!? things like getting to run your own on site events, helping out with campaigns that the full time officers run and getting the chance to represent your students at national level -be that at USI congress or at a rally or protests, the list is pretty much endless!? but in the best way possible! See the

The team clockwise from top: Jess, Ben, James, Seriki, Rosie, Jacinta, Diarmuid, Roisin, Boni & Pierre

thing about being a College Officer or any type of DIT Students’ Union officer is that there is no other job like it. It’s a crazy, packed, absolutely bonkers job, but it is the most fun you’re going to have while in college and you’ll never experience anything like it.The skills you acquire, the fun you have and the friends you make, are for a life time.?? So if you’re thinking about running for College Officer or any SU position at any time in your life, my advice is short and sweet and that is, do it. Run for it and give it your all because I can guarantee you will never regret it!?


p.s. if you need an extra lil push look at this lil determined pug living his best life xx

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