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How you settling in? You’ve attended your first class, bought a tesco/aldi/lidl shop and now it’s time to venture outside that lovely and familiar town and take the Pale. There are many different things you’ll learn along the way as you discover what Dublin is really like to live in, but we’ve decided to give you a quick cheat sheet. There are many tips and tricks to this fair city, so read carefully and don’t say we didn’t tell you so.

  • Ah, Dublin Bus. Dublin Bus is a mysterious force, the buses disappear and reappear with no warning, you’ll see none for 20 minutes and then many will arrive at once. We have a love/hate relationship with Dublin Bus, but one thing we need to alarm you about is, they does not take notes. Bus drivers do not give you change, or at least not on the bus.They’ll give you a receipt with your owed change, which you have to travel to the Northside of the Liffey to get back.

How do we tackle this? STUDENT TRAVEL CARD! This sucker will be the best and worst thing you’ll own. It’ll make travelling on Dublin Bus and the Luas completely seamless, but you’ll lose the thing more often than not. ‘But where do I get this magical card?’ you ask. Well, right here in your lovely SU Hub located in the DITSU office in the basement of DIT Aungier St campus. These cards are super easy to top up in news agents and at Luas stops, with a range of different prices and tickets.

  • Dublin is pretty big, and DIT in particular is spread across 6 main sites. The Luas is probably the handiest ways to get to all the DIT campuses. Of course you can walk our lovely city, but on those days you’re feeling a bit worse for wear, the Luas is there for you. Here’s a map of the connections!
  • The amount of (good-looking) people on Tinder will sky-rocket once you come to Dublin, it’s simple maths. We promote healthy and safe relationships and sex so that’s why we have free condoms in every single office so you guys can keep it safe and sexy.


  • Things are a lot more expensive. You’re not in Westport anymore, taxi’s, drinks and food, it’s all gonna be about budgeting. But we wanted to help you out because we’re so sound, we created the DITSU Membership card that has a bunch of students discounts for burritos, ice cream and so much more! Don’t forget to pick one up from the DITSU Offices.



  • Course materials can be expensive as hell and even if you have a SUSI grant, things can be difficult to budget. Drop into our offices on every site to get some advice on finance from our Student Advisors! Our Student Advisors can give you information on lots of different things like finance, accommodation and general info within in the college. They are a private and confidential service and are there to help you, the student, so please do pop in and say hello to your local Student Advisor!




  • We’re all about sustainability up here. Recycle and reuse, and one way we want to do this campus wide is by using Keep Cups! Keep Cups are reusable coffee cups and if you use them, you generally get a discount off your drink! Keep an eye out for these on campus!


  • Dublin is a big place and it can get very lonely. You don’t have the same comforts that you do back home, but don’t beat yourself up about it, everyone is in the same boat. One way to tackle this is by getting involved with college life and DITSU. There are so many different ways to get involved and to make new friends! If you’re politically minded, Student Council is the way to go. You get to debate motions and help decide the work for the officers for the year! The DITSU Crew is also a brilliant way to get involved and up skill your personal brand, you can help out at events and campaigns throughout the year and reap the rewards!


Throughout the first couple weeks, Dublin is going to take a while to get used to. It’s a big city with a lot of people and unwritten rules,  but don’t be afraid to ask for help or advice! We’re here for you in the Students’ Union, so drop us an email or drop into us in the offices! We’re here to represent and support you, so don’t forget it!

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